map of the world's most expensive goalkkeepers

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Do you know the top most expensive goalkeepers in the world?

That is exactly what this map shows. This map shows the world’s top most expensive goalkeepers.

But before we get to the map, let carry out a little exercise.

Just for a moment, close your eyes. Now imagine a football game without the goalkeeper.

I bet you just laughed.

That is exactly why goalkeepers are needed in a football game. Without the goalkeeper, a game of football is not complete.

This is because a goalkeeper performs some important roles during the game of football. Some of this roles include:

  • The first most important role of the goalkeeper is to keep the opposing team from scoring
  • Organize the defense of the team
  • Organizing and picking the markers
  • Goalkeepers also sometimes act as captains of their team



Just A Little History


Goalkeeping was introduced into football matches as early as the and the first goalkeeper in the world was.

While definitely not the last, this paves ways for today’s elites in goalkeeping.

That is why Betensured, a leading football prediction site have compiled this list of the top goalkeepers in the world based on data available to us.


Top 10 World Most Expensive Goalkeepers:

The following list contains the top 10 richest goalkeepers in the world based on their average salary.

map of the world's most expensive goalkkeepers

  1. David De Gea
  2. Thibaut Courtois
  3. Joe Hart
  4. Hugo Lloris
  5. Petr Cech
  6. Asmir Begovic
  7. Ederson Moraes
  8. Jordan Pickford
  9. Simon Mignolet
  10. Ben Foster




Now let’s look at each of these goalies in more details



#1: David De Gea: Hailing from Spain, David de Gea is unarguably the best goalkeeper in the premier league. His annual salary is estimated to be around 10.4million pounds. He is one of the most celebrated and highly respected goalies in the PL.


#2: Thibaut Courtois: Coming second to David de Gea is Thibaut. Thibaut Courtois is the second richest goalkeeper with an annual salary of 7.56milion pounds. Of Belgium origin, Thibaut Courtois has played for a number of clubs including his most recent club



#3: Joe Hart: Coming at position 3 is Joe Hart. With an annual salary of 7M pounds, Joe Hart is the third most world’s most expensive goalie. Joe Hart is currently 31 years old and has played for Manchester and currently is the goalkeeper with Burnley Football Club


#4: Hugo Lloris: Looking for the world’s 4th most expensive goalkeeper? The Hugo Lloris, French national and aged 31years old. He currently is France #1 goalkeeper and plays for Tottenham Hotspur F.C.


#5: Petr Cech: Petr Cech is apparently the world’s 5th richest goalkeeper with an annual salary of 5.2M pounds. He has played for many teams including Chelsea


#6: Asmir Begovic: With a career that has spanned over 15 years, starting with Portsmouth Football Club, Asmir, a Bosnian national is the world’s 6th most expensive goalkeeper. Asmir Begovic is currently the goalkeeper with AFC Bournemouth and is 31 years old



#7: Ederson Moraes: Ederson Moraes simply know is the 7th richest goalkeeper in the world. Ederson, as he is popularly known, is a Brazilian footballer and has played for both his National team and Manchester City. He is currently worth 3.51m pounds and is 25 years of age


#8: Jordan Pickford: Jordan Pickford nib the #9th position of the most expensive goalkeeper in the history of Premier League. With an annual salary of 3.2m pounds, the English born footballer plays for the Everton and also the English national team. Jordan Pickford is currently 24years old.



#9: Simon Mignolet: Is Belgium and plays for both his country National team and Everton. Simon currently earns 3.2m pounds in annual salary. Simon international career started when he first played in his country’s national team at the age of 21.


#10: Ben Foster: Ben Foster holds the position #10 in the list of the most expensive goalie in the world. His annual salary is 2.7m pounds and he plays currently for Watford as their goalkeeper. Ben Foster is 35 years old and started his football career in 2000.




Goalkeeping may not be the most glamorous part of football but these goalkeepers have made their mark on the sands of time. Now over to you, who is your favorite goalkeeper?