Becoming a football fan

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When I was a bit younger, I always wondered what the fuss was about in football. All my friends seemed to dessert me when the weekend was approaching.

In my disgust, I sought to find out what exactly freaks people out in this sport called football.

Whenever there was an argument in my hostel dormitory about any football club perhaps Chelsea or Liverpool, I was always at the listening end of things without providing any tangible contribution to the argument.

This really hurt me badly. I looked like the uncool kid in the class because of my lack of football knowledge. The burning anger and rage led me on a path that saw me become a die-hard fan of Manchester United.

This post would highlight the things I learnt in the journey of becoming a football fan. Kindly note that it is a long tedious journey. But in the long run you would eventually build the passion and love that burns in the hearts of true football fans.


Steps To Becoming A Football Fan

1) Find A Suitable Football Club to Support

You can start by looking at the most popular football teams in the world. You can decide to choose a team based on their position on the league table or perhaps their style of play. The aim is to choose a team you would stick with through thick and thin.

Many people assume that popular teams are always the best teams. This may not be totally true. A team can be popular due to controversy or perhaps past glory. It is always good practice to look at recent form and statistics when choosing a football team to support.

This might be funny, but I always look at the team kit. I analyse it to see if it appeals to me. I always want to be able to purchase my teams kit and show support wherever I go. This might also be a factor it really just depends on you.

2) Learn Everything About the Football Team

You should know everything and anything about your selected team. Trust me you don’t want to sound like a naive person when arguments stem up among your peers. To be a true ambassador of your football club, read up as much as you can about them. Websites like Wikipedia can provide exhaustive information about your selected team.

You should be able to know the year your team was founded, how many times they have the local cup, cup history and many more relevant information. All football fans make it a duty to know all they can about their clubs by reading soccer blogs


3) Attend Matches or Watch Them On Television

Ensure to attend the matches of the team you support; especially if it’s in your locality. In case you cannot do this, at least you should be able to watch the match on your television set. I personally love watching football matches with friends as this is way more exciting. The echoes of “GOALLLLLL” when a team scores is so delightful to watch.

Attending matches shows you support your club and would be present to give morale support to your players.


4) Keep Yourself Updated With News

You have to know the current happenings in your team. You should keep yourself updated with news such as latest transfers, injuries, and tactics. Its always good practice to sign up on your club’s official website to receive newsletters and offers.

Also, you should follow your club’s social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook. This is a great  way to connect with your beloved club. Sometimes, you receive real-time updates and freebies that you may not immediately see on their official website.


5) Buy Team Merchandise

I believe this is one of  the most ultimate ways to show support for a football team. Wearing with pride your clubs jersey or tying a scarf around your neck tells everyone around you that you are a great supporter of your team. You should take special care to purchase original merchandise so that it lasts for a long time and still looks great after a long time.

Many clubs have official online stores where you can place orders and have them delivered to you. I suggest you even make purchases straight from the clubs as you can receive discounts and you are guaranteed of the quality.