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There was a time when footballers didn’t have set numbers and the starting 11 just wore numbers 1-11 on their back on a game by game basis but that’s a relic of the past. Romelu Lukaku will likely always be part of the first team though and he’s picked one of those numbers.

It’s a long time since players just wore 1-11 on a game by game basis, a real throwback to a bygone era before club’s made money out of selling replica shirts. Since then some players have been known to wear ridiculous shirt numbers.

At Barnet the ageing Edgar Davids decided to wear number 1 on his back, as a non-goalkeeper he’s got no right to do that although I’m not sure if it’s worse than William Gallas wearing 10 or Sheffield Wednesday keeper Joe Wildsmith wearing number 2, it’s just wrong.

No self respecting centre-back should be wearing number 10. Image: PA

Fortunately Romelu Lukaku has avoided wearing anything silly for Manchester United, not gone for 88 or anything just for the sake of it.

No it looks like Lukaku will be wearing the far more iconic number 9 at Old Trafford next season after changing his Twitter handle to @RomeluLukaku9:

United have been without a number 9 since Zlatan Ibrahimovic left the club at the beginning of the month and Anthony Martial might have been hoping to get his number back that he gave up to the Swede.

Previously the number has been worn by club legends Andy Cole and Ruud van Nistelrooy and fans of the Red Devils will be hoping the £75 million signing can have the same effect as they did.

The new signing at Old Trafford had been wearing number 10 at Goodison Park and with Wayne Rooney having headed back to his old stomping ground and taking 10 from the Belgian it might have been expected to be a straight swap but that’s not the case.

That leaves the number 10 free at Old Trafford still.

Could Marcus Rashford move into it or is it free for a new signing?