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As we all have established, the English Premier League is in full swing, some sprinting straight out of the block, side-eye to Liverpool.

Today is not about English football teams, but about their individual players.

We all expect that the highest goal scorers of most teams would be playing in attack right?

So, we are looking at the possible highest goal-scorers for the English Premier League in the 2018/2019 season.

The highest goal-scorers are always from the top six teams in the League.

Manchester City, since the arrival of Pep Guardiola, plays a lot like a team so the burden of goal-scoring is not placed specifically upon one player. Sergio Aguero is still their most reliable forward. Manchester United are highly reliant of their big forward, Romelu Lukaku to supply the goals with a lot of support from the likes of Marcus Rashford, Alexis Sanchez and the likes. Tottenham is also reliant on the Harry Kane, highest goal-scorer at the just concluded World Cup, with Dele Alli, Son Heung-Min and Christen Eriksen as support. Liverpool has a lot of forward players to look up to, none of them being pure strikers but throwing up some excellent numbers in terms of goals scored last season. As we all saw, Mohamed Salah was highest goal-scorer last season. Chelsea was meant to be dependent on Alvaro Morata, but nobody seems to trust his proficiency in front of goal anymore. Arsenal, on the other hand, have had to depend on Lacazette to a point (do not laugh), and eventually Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Some players are so in love with this particular individual award that they will go as far as swearing with their daughters to have a goal awarded in their name. This is not a joke. Not even close.

So far, with just one game in, of all the possible candidates, only Mohamed Salah has got a goal and it is a little too premature to make any inferences after just a single game. Harry Kane, with his goal-scoring pedigree in the English Premier League has never scored a single goal in August. Shocking stuff.

Ultimately, the familiar household names look like they are going to be up for it and will be in the running come the end of the season. Would it be Romelu Lukaku, who has never actually won the highest goal-scorer award? Would it be Sergio Aguero, who does not get as much playing time as he would like? Or would it be Aubameyang, who scored 10 goals in 13 games for Arsenal last season after his move in January? Would Alvaro Morata come good, although he has not had an auspicious beginning following his tame display against Huddersfield Town?

Just hold tight, we will find out soon enough.