What is the best tip to win more money when betting on football?

That is what we wanted to find out.

And we could do this through different methods. We could rely on our experience and share some of our best tips or we could combine the experience of legends in the industry and come up with the best betting tips for anyone to win more football bet.

Ready for the best tips when it comes to football prediction site?

In no particular order, we offer you the best betting tips as shared by experts in the industry.

Name: Jeff

Website: Online Casino Elite

Twitter: @casinoelite

By my point of view is to go against the odds by punting small amounts of money on high stake matches (football, horse races, F1 championship, or everything else). Obviously, it’s required a good experience in the field you are going to bet on to avoid bets based on pure luck, but at long term, it could result in a very profitable strategy.

Name: Charles

Website: Surebettor

Twitter: @thesurebettor

Matched betting is the number one way to make a guaranteed profit from betting on a regular basis. If you’re tired of the bookies continually taking your hard earned cash, this is a brilliant way to get back at them.

With matched betting, we use a risk free betting technique called back and lay betting – we place two bets for every market therefore reducing the risk with normal gambling.

We then make a guaranteed profit from the free bets the bookies give us. This method is already used by thousands of people across the UK. Why not join them today?

Name: Mando

Website: CheckDownSports

Twitter: @CheckDownSports

All of the research I have conducted points toward the same conclusion: Be a contrarian. And this isn’t to say that conventional sports wisdom is wrong, but it is largely overrated with respect to sports betting. For example, there’s a notion that home field advantage provides home teams with a crucial edge, particularly in the playoffs. But in the NHL, 27 of the 53 road underdogs in Game 7’s since 2006 actually won straight up — and a staggering 45 of these 53 underdogs managed to cover the spread! In MLB, meanwhile, I recently tracked whether betting on baseball’s elite pitchers translated into betting success and surprisingly found that placing $100 on teams with their “ace” pitching that day would have yielded an astounding loss of $4,350 over a selected three-month sample period.

Sports betting expectations tend to be heavily influenced by public sentiment, but the sharps who are consistently successful understand the importance of siding against the majority. Such advice may sound simple, and perhaps even illogical. But have no fear when betting against the heavy home favorite or the trendy underdog: Based on what I have learned over the years, a contrarian approach is the best way to find consistent success as a sports bettor.

Name: Virgil

Website: Sportsflare

Twitter: @sportsflare

The most important factor to be successful in sports betting would have to be bankroll management, namely having a well-structured and thought out staking plan. As long as you are maintaining a decent level of accuracy in the predictions that you make, proper staking will allow you to maintain a certain level of stability when it comes to growing your bankroll. One of the more popular staking plans is the Kelly Criterion which we personally use.

Name: Niko

Website: Sportsbetlistings


Always compare odds between a wide variety of sportsbooks to ensure that you’re getting the highest potential return on your wager.  A difference of .05 may not seem significant, but it adds up quickly, and making sure you’re always getting the best possible return can be the difference between whether or not you’re a profitable sports bettor over the long term.

Name: Ian

Website: TheFootyTipster

Twitter: @thefootytipster

Place your bets based on what you know, not what statistics tell you. Statistics are useful for supporting a bet but they’re often misleading when it comes to creating one. You cannot hope to win money by betting on football if you do not watch the games – unless you employ somebody that does it for you!

Name: Guy

Website: MatchedBettingGuy.com

Twitter: @MatchedBetGuy

Regular betting is for mugs, try Matched Betting instead.

Name: Micheal

Website: Matchedbetting

Twitter: @FoxyMonkey

People in the stock market say that “The investor’s worst enemy is likely to be himself”. The same applies to the betting world. Don’t go for the extra slot round, stop chasing losses, don’t be overconfident. Stick to a strategy and execute it well. Think like a human, act like a robot. Be disciplined.

Name: Peter

Website: Oddsmonkey 

Twitter: @OddsMonkey

The most successful betting tip that I would give somebody with regards to betting would be to make sure that the value is in your favour. There are a number of ways to make this possible, this simplest way is to learn the technique of matched betting with bonuses. The guys over at OddsMonkey provide all of the guides and software to make this process as easy as it can be.

Another method of putting the value in your favour is to look for things such as ‘price boosts’ or ‘enhanced odds’. If the improved odds are higher than the odds available at a betting exchange (such as Smarkets and Betfair) then we are getting good value from the bet. If we were to place bets on these events, long term we would expect to be in profit.

To summarise, my best advice would to always make sure the odds are in your favour rather than the bookmakers. Having the edge over the bookmaker should provide good long term value, but there will be lots of variance and you would need a large sample size to get a true reflection.

Name: Adrian

Website: OnlineCricketBetting

Twitter:  @CricketBettings

If I would give people one tip on how to be successful with betting, I would say they need to get the best odds. It is hard to predict matches, but as long as you get the highest betting odds, you will have an easier time ending up being a winner. So line shopping is crucial to be a winner.

Name: Luke

Website: Beating Betting

Twitter: @BeatingBetting

For me, one of the best ways that I find value is by using what the market knows and turn it against them in certain situations.
Many people don’t do research when they’re putting on sports bets, and that’s fine (I guess) if you’re just looking for a quick gamble. For those that are looking to make a long-term profit, though, most will put in a decent amount of time to check if they think their bet will be a winner — I’ve found that the research these types of bettors put in is often pointless at best and harmful at worst.
Things like winning form, the number of goals scored recently, the number of goals conceded recently…they are mostly worthless. The reason for this is because it’s all widely-known, public information — especially if you’re betting on the bigger leagues in the world — and the information is therefore factored into the odds you receive. A bettor might think that ‘over 2.5 goals’ is a good bet because both teams playing have scored a lot of goals recently, but it’s not just about winning the bet. It’s about winning the bet at the right price.
If you do not get good enough odds then long-term the bet will not be profitable. You need it to be a +EV (Expected Value) play to return a long-term profit. If you take bad odds and it wins short-term, you got lucky and that’s good for you. But if you continue taking bad odds and, more importantly, not realise what a fair price is for a certain outcome and try to get a better price than that, you will join the 99.9% of sports bettors that lose money over the course of months or years.

There you go. I think every tipster and punter should have this guide downloaded and kept for reference. We, therefore, made it into a pdf which you can get by clicking here or simply follow this football betting blogs

Now over to you. Which of these betting tips are you going to implement today? And don’t forget to check out this betting mistakes most people make when it comes to football betting