10 football betting myths to leave behind in 2018

Do you know the top betting myths that you should be aware of?

There are so many myths associated with betting just like most things in life.

It is probably not surprising that there so many myths about betting. Football Betting itself is still controversial and so a lot of different opinions trail it.

It will be surprising if there are no betting myths. The myths sometimes, have genuine sources or are simply distorted truth but anyway we look at it, if it, not truth or facts, it should not be believed. That is why they need to be discarded.

It is important that you do away with these myths so you can play properly and even enjoy your betting. Here are some of the myths that have been spread around and are popular but cannot be further from the truth.


Myth 1

Bookies have inside information

It is a very popular myth that bookies or bookmarkers know something that bettors do not or that they have an inside information that is bettors are not privy to. Well, the good news is that this cannot be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, it is believed that this myth is peddled by bookies themselves so as to make it seem like they have an edge over the bettors. Although the bookies have experience, they too can be outsmarted and make mistakes. There are not totally different from a very experienced and knowledgeable bettor.


Myth 2


Bookies can correctly predict the outcome of games

No, as already stated above, they are humans like you and so, cannot possibly know the outcome of the games. They can predict just as this experts gave the best betting tips, just like you are but they are still as clueless as you are. Even the players themselves don’t know the outcome of the games before the games.


Myth 3

No one wins eventually

While it is true that people lose money from betting because it is a game of prediction and the people who are going to determine the outcome of the prediction are humans, it does not mean that no one wins eventually. In fact, a lot of people have won a lot from betting using their wit and knowledge of the sport as well. Betting is not totally a game of luck, and with wit, knowledge of the sport as well as financial discipline, one can win.


Myth 4

It is a match between you and the bookie

Betting is not a match or game between you and the bookie. Bookies are simply like middlemen between the winners of a bet and the losers of a bet and it is up to them to get a balanced amount of bet in each side of the game. That is why, sometimes, they even have to even the line if they do get a balanced amount of bets on each side. The point is for the losers to pay the winner and they get the commission that is left.


Myth 5

Bookies fix games

This myth is usually spread by people who are upset because they lost a bet. But as much as they might like to believe that as it will make them feel better for their wrong prediction, bookies don’t fix matches and they don’t have to because they care more about increasing the amount staked on each match.


Myth 6

Bookies do not want an underdog winning

As far as they get an even amount of bet on each side of the game, they are good. Underdogs winning actually equal someone winning a lot of money and the bookies themselves taking a lot of profit home because once both sides are equal – which they adjust the lines for – they are good to go.


Myth 7

The more amount you bet, the easier it is to win

It is normal to feel this way once you win on a small amount and you start thinking if you had put in more money, then you would have won more. But it is not the amount of money used to bet that determines whether you win or not. Just like in an investment, the more money you invest with, the more money you lose or win. So it is all a risk and wins or lose is the same for any amount of money.



Myth 8

Bookies always get the final line right

The bookies do not determine the final line, it is actually the bettors that do. The bookies have to always make sure to get an even amount of bets on both sides, so when the line is adjusted, it just simply means that the amount of bets on each side is not even. Consequently, the betting line for different bookies might be different based on the number of bets a particular side of the game gets compared to the other.


Myth 9

Good tipsters guarantee a higher chance of winning

It does sound logical that following good tipster will help with your predictions based on the fact that they take the time to study form, injuries and every other thing that can affect the outcome of a match. However, what they do is something you can do for yourself; they are in no way better than you. The only thing is because it is their job, they concentrate on it and make good prediction while you might not have the time to devote to all the analysis necessary.


Myth 10

Winning on favorites is impossible or rare

This is also another myth that stems from upset over a loss and in finding a way to explain the loss away. The truth is that favorites have emerged the winner in many of the matches and the bets placed on them. The bettors, like has been reiterated, simply adjust lines, and do not know better, so they can’t stop favorites from winning.



There you have it, the top 10 betting myths every one should do away within 2018.