3 Reasons Football Prediction Is Like Stockbroking

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Many of our readers have sent us emails of how football betting and football betting prediction is a sin, how dangerous it can be and all sorts.

Yes it can be dangerous if you do not know how the whole thing works. We believe that many people with this mindset are pretty naive and ignorant of what really football betting is or what it can be.

Like we said in this particular blog post, football betting and predictions is like every other cliche investment you know. Sadly, we found this post here that doesn’t quite agree with us.

In this blog post, we will highlight how betting can be termed sports investment just like shares and stocks.

How Football Prediction Is Like Stock

1. They Both Involve Risk And Choice

If you’ve had some form of experience with the stock market, you would realize that you have to make a choice between a list of available companies. The interesting thing is; making a choice or a bet that a company would succeed and make money on your behalf is not even guaranteed. Really it isn’t. A news piece can pop up the next morning detailing how the company’s CEO is a wife beater and has a history of drug abuse. Can you guess what next would happen? We are sure you already know. The companies share price plummets and voila! your money is gone. This are unseen factors that can influence the outcome of your investment.

The same can be said about betting on football and football prediction. You are always faced with a choice and that choice is risky. There is nothing like a sure bet. in fact, every sports bettor should erase that phrase from their minds. You have low risk bets and high risk bets. You should always go for low risk bets.

2.  Trends and Performance Are Monitored

If your stockbroker makes investment decisions based on hunches and assumptions, he should be fired! all great brokers always utilize companies performance and trends when making decisions. You can make forecasts and educated guesses when there’s a backlog of historical data at your palms.

The same can be said for football betting. While you have stockbrokers for the stock market, you have sports brokers for gambling in football. These sports brokers are all the football prediction websites that exist to help you place bets on matches. A good sports broker would always rely on statistics, trends and performance of the football teams.

3. You Win And You Lose

This final point is very important especially to novice bettors. Many people jump into sports betting with the idea that it would be a rosy journey filled with milk and honey. Nothing can be farther than truth. You would lose and you would win. What you want to do is win more than you lose and record a profit just like you would if investing in stocks. It’s not about betting, its about recording profits.

The next time someone is being all judgmental on you because you bet on football make sure you tell them that its the same thing as the stock market and more!