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When it comes to sports, there is no doubt that football is the “most loved game in the world.” Football has fans spanning the entire globe, cheering and following their favourite players and teams from faraway islands in the Pacific Ocean to bustling cities in Europe. Whether it is the larger-than-life players, the thrilling games, or the ongoing drama, both on and off the field, football is a sport like no other that everyone from kids and adults to punters and bookmakers enjoys with much enthusiasm.

Looking at the entire sports industry, a recent change has been the worldwide acceptance of earning profits through games. As a result, many adults are now indulging in making money from sports competitions they enjoy, and football is at the top of this league. However, football fans will be happy to know that there are a few different ways you can score a win for yourself while being an integral part of the football culture. 

Sports Betting

The most obvious, and easiest way to make money from football, for a fan, is to bet on live tournaments, like the Premier League, through registered bookmakers. It is now possible to set wagers on multiple odds, ranging from overall winner to who will score the first goal and if the match will go into extra time or not. Moreover, bookies offer amazing deals to punters that can help them earn extra with every bet. The best part about betting through leading bookmakers is that bettors receive freebies like pre-match predictions to help them with a winning bet, and access to live telecasts of matches.


Die-hard fans of football, who follow specific teams, typically buy seasonal kits, bags, badges, mugs and other special edition memorabilia for themselves. Over time, some of the standard paraphernalia becomes rare, and all the more attractive for collectors. Thus, if you have an old jersey, tickets from a memorable match, or limited-numbered memorabilia, keep it safe, as down the line you might be able to sell it for a nifty profit. 


Loyal fans live, eat, and sleep football. Unfortunately for them, the off-season is when things seem to really slow down. You can always research teams and tournaments during this time and prepare advance bets for the coming season. But for a more exciting opportunity, you can play, bet, and win through esports and fantasy football. FIFA 20 is a particularly popular game at present that has an online football tournament, covered by several bookmakers. When betting on esports teams, remember that standard betting techniques apply. All you have to do is study the players a little, spread your bets, and enjoy earning money through the game even when live matches are not taking place. 

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Got an opinion on who should your club pick-up during the transfer months? Or maybe you enjoy analysing each game before and after it has taken place? Fans with a flair for writing can start a football-themed blog without much investment. Blogging is an excellent way to interact with other enthusiasts, and if you are passionate enough, earn an income through brands wanting to advertise on your blog. In case you do not have time to run a blog, you can always approach functioning websites and offer your services as a sports content writer.

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Nowadays it is easy to take remarkable photos with our mobile cameras. So, if you like visiting football matches, put that to good use and capture the atmosphere around you, or maybe even catch some of the players in action. Many agencies and websites are happy to pay good money for exclusive photos, especially if you manage to photograph something unique.