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The 2022 Six Nations is nearly upon us. Keep reading to find the best betting markets, predictions, and tips for the Championship.

Kick-off 2022 By Placing Bets For The Upcoming Six Nations

Punters over the length and breadth of the United Kingdom are gearing up for the beginning of the Six Nations Championship. Hailed as the most important fixture in the rugby union calendar, this international tournament draws millions of spectators around the world.
With the first match scheduled for Saturday the 5th of February, there is still plenty of time to get well informed about the competition and teams, so you can be confident when placing your bets. Read on to find out all the best information about Six Nations betting 2022 from the most popular betting markets as well as some tips to consider before placing your bets.

Gearing up for Six Nations Betting

Whether you are a fanatic rugby fan, or a casual spectator, betting on the Six Nations is a great way to get closer to the action. It’s true that the thrill and excitement of watching can be dialled up a notch when you are not only cheering for your favorite Casinosters team to win, but to also see if you can land a successful bet.
If you are interested in Six Nations betting 2022 wagering for this year’s tournament, there are few things you should know before checking out a sports betting site such as what markets are available. Punters who have placed wagers before for other sports such as football will see some similarities with betting on rugby, however there are a few key differences for this sport. Regardless of your experience, we will cover some of the most common and popular bets below.

What 6 Nations Rugby Betting Markets Can You Bet on?

Here are the most popular betting markets Six Nations fans love to bet on. Which ones catch your eye the most?
A ‘1X2’ wager is perhaps one of the most common for 6 Nations betting. This simply allows a punter to back their favourite team or predict a draw. The ‘1’ always refers to the home team while ‘2’ refers to the away team. The ‘X’ is then of course representing a draw. If you are not feeling particularly confident in your prediction of backing just one team, there is a way to effectively give you a bigger chance of winning by placing a ‘Double Chance 1X2’ bet.
There are three available options for the Double Chance bet. The first of the three options in this market is ‘1X’, where if either the home team win or a draw occurs, you will win the bet. ‘X2’ is similar apart from backing the away team as well as draw. Lastly, ‘12’, backs both teams, meaning if either one win, your bet will be successful. Many punters therefore enjoy this market to hedge their bets, however it does come at the expense of slightly lower odds.
Winning Margin is a betting market where a punter must predict what the points difference will be between the winning and losing team. For rugby, the margins are typically set by the bookmaker in sets of five. Knowing that a try in rugby union is awarded five points, plus a further two for a successful conversion, it is clear how quickly a margin can grow or be lost.

Total Points Odd/Even allows punters to make a 50/50 prediction as to whether the total points, either at half time or full time, will be odd or even. Many punters enjoy this easy market which turns up the excitement right up until the whistle and play is over.

Handicap betting allows a bookmaker to even the field as much as possible between two teams to be able to offer more competitive odds. This involves giving a hypothetical advantage to the underdogs or a disadvantage to the favourites in the form of giving or taking away points. As an example, if you have placed a bet on a team that has been given a -11.5 disadvantage, the team will need to win by a 12 point margin for your bet to be successful.

Top Rugby 6 Nations Betting Tips

We now turn our attention to some tips you should consider before placing your bets. Of course finding a reputable and trustworthy betting site is incredibly important. There you will be able to find all the best and most competitive Six Nations betting odds, while being able to have peace of mind that your money and personal information is safe while using their site.
Another important factor to consider is the weather. Rain and bad weather in general can have a huge effect, and usually lends to a lower scoring game. This is due to a few reasons such as tackling becoming more difficult on a wet, muddy, and waterlogged pitch as well as an increase in scrums and errors while handling the ball. Any deviation in weather from typical standards will leave the teams rethinking their strategies to pull off a winning game.
Following from this, it is important to research each team and keep up to date with any player injuries. England will be keen to continue their overall lead in the tournament with seven wins under their belt, while Wales will have their sights set on defending their win from last year.


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