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There are hundreds of popular sports in the world that people play but anyone would hardly doubt that football or soccer, as it is popularly known, is by far the most popular sport in the world. Every country, every state, every city, every town and every village plays football with the same enthusiasm. The popularity of soccer can easily be determined by this single factor. Although there are many other interesting sports in the world as well, but soccer has been leading the popularity charts for decades. 

The UEFA Champions League

Due to the popularity of the sport, there are different tournaments that are being organized on a regular basis in order to maintain its popularity and also to  encash it. There are different types of tournaments at local, state level, national as well as international level and each and every tournament has its own flavor and taste. Europe is popularly the most favored nation for football. Most of the countries that qualify for the World Cup are from Europe and it also has the most number of reservations for it. That being said, football is a world game and it is not meant to be limited in boundaries in anyways. One of the best ways to keep the spirit of football is by playing mutually. UEFA Champions League which has been organized by the Union of European Football Association is one of the most prestigious International tournaments that determine the best European premier team at the club level. International players from all over the world are brought in the club in order to strengthen its position as a team and this is what makes this tournament truly international and exciting.


The history of Champions League is quite old. It is one of the oldest and the most popular and repeated football tournament across the globe. The first tournament it was held in 1955 and today in 2020 it stands tall with its 65th edition. 

Tournament format has also seen many changes in these years. Initially, the format of the tournament was knock out with the national championship club team getting a direct entry. Nowadays, they have a lot more excitement with the qualifier stages and the round-robin format. The pre quarter finals start out with knockout stage. The more number of teams endures more participation of the fans and more excitement and more competition and adds versatility in the tournament.

These 65 years have seen a total of 22 teams, who have been able to win the tournament. The most successful team has been Real Madrid who has won it 13 times. A dozen teams have won the tournament more than once. So there are lots of teams that are left and still looking forward to win the tournament. We hope that we see some interesting matches and new champion though the chances looks like the trophy is going to be handed by one of the oldie teams.

As far as the Nations are concerned, Spain has been the most successful nation with its club team winning this tournament for the maximum occasions. Spain club team has 18 titles and has been runner-up on 11 occasions. The second place is occupied by England whose Club team has won this tournament 13 times with 9 runners of trophies. Next comes Italy with 12 titles in 16 runners up tag. Other successful Country Club teams are Germany Netherland Portugal all of those have won it more than thrice. However, as the players of each and every club team are not exactly of their own country, this doesn’t really stands at landmark as such. However they are interesting statistics nevertheless!

Teams in 2020 and their expectations 

Real Madrid has been the most successful team in this tournament and it has won it 13 times and they have ended up runners up in 3 occasions. They are followed by Milan was won the tournament 7 times with 3 runners-up trophies. The present Champions are Liverpool who have already won the tournament 6 times and have been able to reach the final on three occasions as well. Other popular Champions are Barcelona who have won it 4 times and Manchester United with three champions trophies under their belt.

All and all there are 32 teams that are going to start competing soon in the UEFA Champions League. Teams are divided into 8 groups with each group having 4 teams. The format of the tournament would be Round Robin, in which every group team plays with each other and the first two team qualifiers and last to gets an exit from the tournament. The winner gets three points and there is one point allotted to each team for a draw. In case of equal points the difference of the number of goals scored and faced would also play a crucial role. All this sets up an ideal stage for an interesting tournament.

Some of the contenders and strong teams that have good expectations in the tournament include defending champion Liverpool, all time favorite Barcelona, and popular teams like Real Madrid, Ajex, Chelsea, Manu, Manchester City and more. Depending on your own favorite teams, you are free to support them and/or boo others! So while Manchester City would rule UK betting charts, fans would still route for Manchester United!

Conclusion So this was some basic information about UEFA Champions League. The tournament starts soon and we all hope that it is going to be one of the most interesting tournaments of the Year. We would like to know your feedback and what do you feel about this article and tournament. Please feel free to comment and let us know your opinion. Let us know your favorite team and the players you are rooting for and your expectation from the tournament in the comment section. We would love to hear from you. We look forward for your comments in the comment section. We appreciate the time that you spent reading this article. So let’s all get geared up for Europe’s number one football tournament.