It is coming.

 In no time, we will be able to see our favourite teams take to the pitch again – so sorry Ligue 1 and UEFA Nations League. It is not so long ago that we concluded the previous season, but the 2020/2021 is gearing up to be something special. From the ‘total’ change in Barcelona-enter Ronald Koeman- to the Lionel Messi and Barcelona stand-off to the relative stability in Real Madrid these days- you can never be too sure when it comes to the Los Blancos to the hire of Andre Pirlo to the massive signings of Chelsea and Frank Lampard to the Pierre Emerick Aubameyang contract situation to the absolute meltdown in Valencia (if you do not know, you need to read up on it).

Also, the Jadon Sancho, Dortmund and Manchester United situation and the fact that Bayern Munich conquered all in Germany and beyond. There is also the Manchester City ‘comeback’. Will this be Pep Guardiola’s final crack at the Champions League from the blue side of Manchester? Will he be able to recover from his poor title defence from last season? Will Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp be able to defend their long-awaited comprehensively won Premier League title, seeing as there has practically been no additional investments to the team? Now, that would be something.

 How will the likes of Newcastle and Everton fare, seeing as they have invested heavily and wisely (hopefully) during this transfer window? How about Leicester, Wolves, Burnley, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla – Europa League winners, Red Bull Leipzig- without Timo Werner, Arsenal in Arteta’s full season, Inter Milan- especially considering the fact that it is not entirely certain that Antonio Conte would be the Coach come the beginning of the season, Ajax -with the continuous departure of their young talents, Lyon- last season’s Champions League semi-finalists, Tottenham and Jose Mourinho, who would have his first full season and may also not have the luxury of purchasing high valued target? The list goes on and on.

There is also Manchester United, the team that finished on a strong note and would look to build on their very good finish to maybe even go as far as winning the League. AC Milan has also been making stellar recruitments and this Serie A season promises to be one of the most exciting in living memory seeing as the defending Champions have proven that they are not infallible.

Ultimately, there will be a lot of football coming to us from this weekend. The wait is almost over.