Juventus will win the Serie A for the eighth consecutive time. We have mentioned this a lot on this platform that even if it is not actually true, you will still probably believe it anyway.

These days, Juventus boasts the best 35-year old to have played the game (sorry Zlatan) and arguably the best footballer to have ever kicked a football. Juventus sometimes play the best football, sometimes they just need to show up – no disrespect to the rest of the League. They are that good.

However, some of us that have followed their last couple of League triumphs – that is a lot of consecutive League triumphs in Europe’s top 5 Leagues – we need something new. As football neutrals – on most occasions – we live for goals. Nicely worked goals. Loads of nicely worked goals.

Enter Atalanta Football Club. Current second in Serie A. Scorers of 93 goals in Serie A with 5 games to go. Scorers of over 100 goals this season. Have a left (wing) back in Robin Gosens who has 9 goals and 8 assists in the Serie A. He also wears the number 8 jersey. Have regular substitute players in Ruslan Malinovskyi and Luis Muriel who have a combined 26 goals and 7 assists between them. Champions League Quarter Finalists after demolishing Valencia 8-4 on aggregate.

Speaking of the Champions League, after game 4, they looked like they would leave the competition after winning none of the initial games. Miraculous. What would be more miraculous would be if they won the Champions League outright. A man can dream, can he not?

For a team where their key man – Duvan Zapata- has struggled for fitness a number of times this season, scoring over 100 goals with a minimum of 7 games to go is no mean feat. A lot of credit to Gian Piero Gasperini. He may be remembered for his brief and unsuccessful stint in Inter Milan some years ago but the brand of football that his current team is playing – where the team, especially in the final third, is as fluid as they can get – is nothing short of mesmerizing. Some quarters have whispered that he may not be able to cut it at the bigger teams. The rate at which he and his team are going, there may not be a need to move to a ‘bigger’ team.

Football, although a low-scoring sport, is majorly noted for its goals. This is why the best players in the world (and in Leagues as well) are mostly attackers. Atalanta is (more or less) singlehandedly trying to make football a high scoring sport worldwide. By extension, why should they not be recognised as one of the best teams in the world? Winning the Champions League may just tip the table. Who does not love an underdog story?