If played right, the benefits of online betting are numerous and your bets won’t always have to end with you losing money to bookies or picking games that don’t win you anything.

As a dedicated bettor, who plays to win, don’t let anyone tell you that betting online is a colossal waste of time because it’s not. And if you need further proof of this, this article mentions the benefits of online betting you should know about.


  • What is an online betting?
  • Online betting statistics
  • The benefits of online betting
  • Advantages of online bettings

What Is An Online Betting

Online betting is simply a type of betting  placed online, and usually deals with sports like football, basketball, horse racing and virtual poker or casinos.

Although online betting is mainly virtual, most online betting sites also have an offline shop or office as well.

Online Betting Statistics

Online betting is an industry that is rapidly growing and everyone who is in on it are making moves that will make them more money at the end of the bet.

Below are quick betting statistics that prove just how much online betting is growing.

  • Football holds a prominent share in online betting, and most online bets are often sponsored by some high profile football clubs. (Mordor Intelligence).
  • In most regions where online sports betting is prominent,  mobile users constitutes 80% of all the users in the online gambling industry. (Mobility Foresights).
  • In 2019, the online betting and gambling market was an approximate of 50 Billion USD and that market is expected to have a Compound annual growth rate of 10% and is anticipated to grow to about 100 Billion by 2026. (Globe News Wire).
  • Some major players in the online gambling scene include sites like 888 Holding PLC, Betsson AB, and Betfair Entertainment. (Globe News Wire).
  • Easy access, legalization, cultural approval, corporate sponsorships, and endorsements by celebrities are key factors in the online betting market growth. (Grand View Research).
  • The majority of bets made by bettors are placed on sports like boxing, baseball, football, and hockey sports, as these are the games that drive the online betting market. (Grand View Research).
  • The size of the world online gambling market is 58.9bn USD. (Statista)
  • There are 30,861 businesses currently in the sports betting market worldwide. (Statista).

The Benefits Of Online Betting

Usually, online betting is often met with mixed feelings, some bettors agree that there are benefits to be reaped from it, while others swear that online betting is a waste of time and money, without any real benefits to be won from it.

However, the truth remains that online betting is truly beneficial and to this effect, we have selected several benefits of online betting.

Benefits Of Online Betting:

  • Fast Money
  • Convenient And Secure
  • Timely And Fast Cash Out
  • Live Betting And Streaming
  • Better Betting Markets And Odds
  • Bonuses And Promos
  • Variety Of Games
  • Vast Payout Options

1. Fast Money

Online betting is a surefire way to make fast money no matter your level of betting experience, and you can bet a small amount, and receive a bigger payment depending on your odds.

To make good money betting online, master the rules governing bets, train to become a professional bettor, and use a good betting site like Betensured which gives accurate betting predictions and tips.

2. Convenient And Secure

Convenience is one angle online betting really worked to entice bettors into it, as in a matter of minutes you can use your phone to place bets and register on a betting site from anywhere as long as you have a steady internet connection, no need for long queues or unnecessary delays that make you miss out on a hot deal or promo.

Online betting is secured because you only register with bookies and sites that have obtained their valid licenses showing that they are legally allowed to operate in your region, so you are sure that your personal details won’t be misused.

3. Timely And Fast Cash Out

There is nothing better than receiving a fast payout after you have placed a bet that won you good money, online betting offers that to you.

You also get the option to pull out from a bet on time if you notice that a game isn’t quite going as you predicted; you can cash out what you won from an initial stake or even set a threshold that automatically triggers your cash out. Just make sure that the bookie you are using allows for these options so that you don’t lose money.

4. Live Betting And Streaming

With the live betting and streaming option, you can place bets on a game that has already started, as it is taking place.

This option also allows for the easy backing of enhanced odds and comes in handy, in case you need to do a manual cash out, you could take advantage of changes in the direction a game is headed and use the current play in a game, to know which team to back.

Live streams are available for games like football, horse racing, hockey, etc.

5. Better Betting Markets And Odds

Most online betting sites offer the best markets and odds, as they want to retain users by ensuring that everyone walks away with something.

Additionally, online betting offers a wider selection of sports and betting markets than offline shops and sports books. It has thousands of global competitions and hundreds of varieties of bets for one sporting event.

The rich offer made by online betting sites provides more sporting events and Betting options for bettors and better odds gain you bigger profits. Plus, having access to a variety of bookies is a real benefit of betting online as it opens you up to more opportunities.

6. Bonuses And Promos

Online betting sites offer their regular customers and especially newcomers several bonuses and promos to make betting more enjoyable for them.

Bonuses such as betting credits, ACCA insurance, free bets, enhanced odds, cashback programs, and bore draw money are offered to Bettors. Online betting sites want you to be happy, so they bombard you with these promos and bonuses.

7. Variety Of Games

Online betting has a variety of games, so that you never tire or get bored of what to play or bet on.

Unlike those brick-and-mortar gambling venues, where your only option is to play the market provided, online betting offers you a vast range of leagues, events, and competitions from all over the world, thereby opening up your choices and enhancing your taste for sports.

8. Vast Payout Options

In online betting, you choose how you wish to be paid and online betting has many  flexible deposit methods for funding your account, you can use credit cards, cryptocurrencies, or e-wallets to do this.

You could also earn points for using your credit card to fund your wallet.

Advantages Of Online Bettings

Apart from its core benefits, there are other advantages of online betting such as:

1. Unlimited Access To Games

As an online bettor, you have unlimited access to games as long as you have an account with the site.

You can bet on all your favourite sports within or without your region or not, and reap the benefits that come with each sporting event.

2. Larger Bet Sizes

Online betting doesn’t limit your bet sizes and you don’t have to deal with regulations that limit the number of bets you can place as is often the case with brick and mortar casinos who have more costs to run their business.

But online casinos don’t have costs or regulations, so you can bet as much as you like.

3. Online Betting Is Safer For You

An offline Betting shop often attracts a lot of individuals, some of which may have addictive habits or are prone to get violent .

When you bet from your house, you are safe from this type of danger and can play freely without worrying about a scorned player following you home.

 Is Online Betting Safe?

Online betting offers a lot of glamorous benefits to bettors, but also has its fair share of safety concerns. Most bettors want to know is online betting safe? The answer is yes, online betting is safe.

For starters, online betting sites aren’t allowed to operate without a legal license that clears them to do so, and as long as you bet with a trustworthy legal online sportsbook that has been given a vote of confidence by more experienced bettors then you have nothing to worry about. Just ensure that you do thorough research before betting with them.

In addition, online betting is often done from the comfort of your own home, which means that you are safe as you place your bets and unexposed to the dangers of desperate characters who usually flock to places like casinos or cause trouble for other bettors in offline establishments.

If you are new to betting, you should check our beginners to football betting for the best tips on how to win more football bets.