betting sites with high odds

Have you ever gambled online before? How often do you bet on sports?

These days, there is an increased interest in sports betting, primarily because there is a high chance for sports enthusiasts, to win prizes for it, and earn extra income from it.

Sports betting is the easiest way to make money from sports, but it comes with a lot of rules and high stakes which could make your winning impossible if you don’t understand how they work.

One way to win when betting on sports, besides being really good at predicting outcomes is to find a betting site or book maker with high odds that could favour you.

Based on bonuses they offer to bettors, sports tips, security, success rate, and variety of games to bet on, these are the Best Betting Sites With High Odds.

Guide Content:

  • How To Place Winning Odds
  • How To Get The Best Odds
  • Best Betting Sites With High Odds
  • Betting Sites That Offer The Best Bonuses
  • Top Sites That Offer Free Bets And No Deposit Bonuses
  • Best  Betting Sites That Offer Accumulator Bonus
  • Bookmakers With The Best Betting Boosts

This article is a guide to help you find the best betting sites with the highest odds, by pointing you in the direction of thoroughly vetted betting sites which you can safely place your bets with.

How To Place Winning Odds

Betting odds represent the probability of an event occuring, including the proposed return you as a bettor should receive on a winning bet.

Betting odds also indicate how likely your prediction is, and are represented as decimal, fractional, or American odds.

When it comes to odds, the highest potential return is important, because it endorses the accuracy of your bookmakers odds, and helps you choose the right bookmaker for yourself.

Odds can be confusing and if misunderstood can cost you a lot of money, so we will show you everything you need to know about How To Place Winning Odds so you don’t lose more money.

This section covers the types of betting odds, how betting odds work, how betting odds are read, how to calculate your winnings with odds, how bookmakers set football odds and live betting and changing odds.

Types Of Betting Odds

  • Decimal odds
  • Fractional Odds
  • American Odds

Decimal odds are more common in Nigeria than fractional and American odds, and as such, receive the most focus. American odds are more common in the United States Of America.

How  Betting Odds Work

When choosing the right odds for you, there are 3 factors you should consider. These 3 factors are the risk level,  the quality of odds, and comparing odds.

Risk Level

You need to choose your preferred risk level. 

Preference for risk level reads as, if you would like a higher chance of getting a wager return for a smaller amount, or a lower chance of getting a wager return but for a higher amount

Quality Of Odds

Vetting the quality of odds is how you make an analysis of betting markets.

Judging the quality of odds on offer is simply what features separate a well-thought out bet, from the one you recklessly placed.

Generally judging the quality of odds, you look at whether they are of good value, based on how the odds stacked up against your prediction of an outcome or your bookmakers prediction.

Comparing  Odds

Odds can be compared against their competition so that you can get a high return.

This is done by mathematically determining which of the compared odds can give you the highest betting returns.

How  Betting Odds Are Read

To be able to read betting odds, you should know that betting odds are represented as decimal, fractional and American odds. Each betting odd is read in a different way.

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are easy to read and understand, because the higher your number of odds, the higher your winnings.

  • To calculate your decimal odds, your winnings are your stake, multiplied by the decimal odds.
  • In decimal odds 2.0 is even money, meaning your winnings will be double or x2, and anything less than is an odds-on bet.
  • Decimal odds are popular in Nigeria, because they are easy and used by Nigerian betting sites.

American Odds

American odds are used in America, and are more difficult to understand.

American odds use the plus and minus symbol, and number after each show how likely it is for your favourite team  to win or lose.

The higher the number after the minus sign,  the more likely it is for a team to win, but the higher the number after a plus, the higher the team’s chances of losing.

Fractional Odds

Just like American odds, fractional odds aren’t specific to Nigeria, rather they are mainly used in the UK. Fractional odds are used in street betting shops and on horse racing.

In fractional odds, the higher the number of odds, the higher you earn from your bet. For fractional odds the first half represents how much you will win, and second half represents how much you stake.

How To Calculate Your Winnings With Different Betting Odds

Here is a summary of how to calculate your winnings with the different betting odds.

Calculating Winnings With Decimal Odds

To calculate your winnings with decimal odds, multiply your stake by the decimal odds.


  • Stake – ₦10
  • Odds – 2.5
  • Winnings = ₦25

Calculating Winnings With Fractional Odds

To calculate your winnings with fractional odds, how much you will win/how much you stake


  • For a 5/1 odds, you would receive ₦5 for every ₦1 you bet.
  • If you are staking a different amount from the given fraction, maybe a ₦3 stake would be 3 x 5, earning you a ₦15.

Calculating Winnings With American Odds

American odds are usually split into two possibilities, minus (-) and plus (+) money lines.

The minus money line is how much you need to bet to win an amount of money while the plus money line is how much you would win if you bet an amount of money.

A N100 bet on a +200 moneyline, would win you ₦200, and a -200 money line requires you to bet  ₦200 to receive N100

How Bookmakers Set  Football Odds

Your bookmaker isn’t using magic to set the odds for that football game you bet on, here is how bookmakers set football odds.

Different Predictions

Bookmakers judge the likelihood of an event to occur differently. Each bookmaker based on their predictions, comes up with different conclusions for an odd.

Bookmakers are competitive, so the gap in differences between odds, wouldn’t be too wide amongst bookies.

Unforeseen Circumstances

A bookmaker’s odds can be affected by unforeseen circumstances like player injuries, or team lineup which impacted the game, and in turn affected the bookie’s odds.

Match Timings

Your bookmaker’s odds can be affected by impromptu match timings as well. If any games happen between the team you wish to bet on and another team within the time of the odds being initially set and the event itself, and the team you bet on plays badly against another team, their odds will lengthen because it’s a negative sign for their future performance in a match with the team they were initially supposed to play.

The Team’s History

The history between the two teams playing a match can also affect a bookie’s odds, as well as other factors like recent form, injury news, and the environment.

Amount Of Money

Sometimes, a bookmaker’s odds can also be based on the amount of money bookies discover on one side of a wager.

This is because Bookmakers all want to accept your bet, but they are also weighing so many factors to ensure they don’t lose much money to an incorrect prediction.

Bookmakers may have varying odds,  but it’s just based on different opinions or their reaction to the market and this shouldn’t be taken in as a quality odd. To ensure that your bookie’s odds are high quality, you need to consider their over-round and bookmaker’s margin.

Live Betting And Changing Odds

Bettors need to understand and accept that sometimes, odds for live betting can change.

However, the  changes in odds that occur during a live betting are the events of the match which you couldn’t have predicted before the game started.

It’s common for changes in odds to occur in live betting as live betting possesses a bigger challenge than pre-match because it is fast-paced and has a lot  to take into account.

How To Get The Best Odds

An understanding of how odds work and how to utilise them for your betting, puts you right at the list of bettors to enjoy the best odds offered by bookmakers.

Here is how to get the best odds.

Promotion Odds

A bookmaker can offer you odds as part of their promo as a way to retain your patronage, thankfully these are the best type of odds to take advantage of.

Bookmakers can offer you promotion odds,  no matter when you placed your bet. They can also add percentages to your bets, when you utilise a free bet or place accumulator bets.

Prize draws by bookmakers make you qualified to win prizes depending on placement of certain bets, you can have versatile odds on numerous betting sites,  as well as thanks to cash-out features.

Betting Sites That Offer Promotion Odds


Simply sign up on BigiBet to take advantage of the amazing promotion odds offered by this bookmaker.

BigiBet offers high odds on all games you can play on the site.

Accumulator Odds

Accumulator Odds start off small, but slowly build over time, making it a really interesting odd for a bookie to offer you.

In accumulator bets, a small bet builds up to other small bets and then produces a huge return when fused together. If you get accumulator odds from several bookie’s, you could earn a lot in its returns.

Betting Sites That Offer Accumulator Odds


In addition to offering other bonuses like paying bettors after 2 games cut and a 100% welcome bonus, Oat Bet offers accumulator odds and bonuses to loyal customers.

Betting Exchange Odds

Unlike the other Betting Odds, in betting exchange odds, the bookmakers offer the odds and take a small commission when you win. However, despite the commission deducted from your wins, you still stand to earn a lot of money from this odd.

If you are a new bettor, the betting exchange odds can seem hard at first, but once you understand how it works you will see that it offers a new odds market with a lot of value.

Betting Sites That Offer Betting Exchange Odds


Naijabet is the largest betting exchange site in the world, established wayback in 1999 in Great Britain.

Naijabet’s betting exchange odds changed the gambling market 20 years ago, and this legacy is still carried on till today. In addition to impeccable betting exchange,  Naijabet also dabbles in services like casino and poker.

Best  Betting Sites With High Odds

There are a lot of betting sites in Nigeria, and each of them, although they offer good betting deals, have varying high odds, for specific sports. To enable you to choose the best betting sites with high odds, we’ve broken each betting site into categories of which site offers which odds and in what sports.

Best Football Betting Sites With High Odds

These betting sites offer the highest football odds:

  • Bet9ja
  • Merry bet
  • Nairabet
  • BetKing
  • Betting
  • Winner Golden bet


Bet9ja is one of the most popular betting sites in Nigeria, and the foremost patron of football betting.

This betting site has the most visited ratio in the country, which is not surprising as they have a mobile app for easy betting access.


MerryBet may be new to the football betting scene, but they do offer good football odds, so it is advisable to place your next football bet with them.


Nairabet’s reputation for high football odds comes from how accessible their site is. On Nairabet, bettors can either bet on their mobile phones or visit any of the numerous Nairabet outlets across the country which also brings in high betting odds.


Also new to the betting scene is BetKing. BetKing has high football odds, which are higher than that of their competitors.

In addition, they have a lighter website than Bet9ja and a smooth interface which enables users to place winning odds.

Winner Golden bet

Winner Golden Bet’s sites have good odd presentations where users can get good returns on the stakes. They also have some shops around the country.

Although these betting sites offer  high football odds, you can also bet on a number of other games like – handball, cricket, snooker, racing, virtual games, darts, rugby, eSports, table tennis.

Betting Sites With High Odds In All Sports:

  • 1XBet
  • SportyBet
  • BetWay
  • Bet Bonanza
  • Betmiga
  • Bigibet
  • ZEbet


1XBet is one betting site that is known to offer exceptionally high and competitive odds. 1XBet also offers a variety of different markets for bettors to bet on and astounding promotions for you to utilise.

In addition, 1XBet allows for betting on poker, bingo, lotto, and lottery.

Just like LionsBet, 1XBet also offers the best guaranteed odds to customers, enabling them to get the best price on every successful bet the place, regardless of the time the bettors made that bet.


SportyBet, promises the best odds you could ever get. In addition, you can sign up on SportyBet, for the best betting experience in Nigeria.

Besides high odds, for dedicated users like you, SportyBet offers incentives like Free streaming, live betting, football bets, low data usage for bets, fast cash collection, big winnings, and a constant payout on your earnings.


Betbiga offers high odds on live sports, and virtual games as well.

Sign up to a world of premium bets, fast cash outs, and numerous user promotions.

Betbiga is safe, and offers bonuses like a 100% start bonus and the 130% combo boost bonus, plus bettors can place special bets.


Bigibet doesn’t just offer you  high odds, but as a bettor, you also enjoy accumulator bonus, cashout, loyalty bonus as well as in-play and virtual betting.


ZEbet is the best online betting site to bet on more than 20 sports.

On ZEbet you enjoy the latest high odds before someone else grabs them, live betting and  bigger rewards for your patronage. Claim your 100% start bonus.


LionsBet offers customers the best odds guaranteed on bets made on sports like horse racing.

Thanks to the best odds guaranteed  by LionsBet, you can receive the best price for every bet you made that is successful, no matter the time you placed the bet.

Betting Sites With The Best Odds

When it comes to selecting odds that will favour you, you should know that there are sites that only offer high odds for specific sports on their platform.

On the other hand, there are other betting sites which generally offer high odds to bettors regardless of which game you bet on. These are the best betting sites with the best odds.


1XBet has proven itself to be Nigeria’s number 1 betting site which offers the best odds.

1XBet offers its bettors huge betting markets to select from and the freedom to build their own bets with astounding odds.


You’re just one sign up away from enjoying betting odds, on the BetWay betting app.

Get the app and take advantage of their full/partial payout features as well as live betting events with the best odds in the market.


BetBonaza offers high quality odds which equals low margin. You can use the  BetBonaza high odds build and enormous acca with Yakata Promo.

Bet easier on odds, with their immersive mobile site.

Betting Sites That Offer The Best Bonuses


To their most loyal customers, BetBiga offers the following bonuses:

100% Welcome Bonus

The BetBiga 100% Welcome Bonus can only be claimed when you make your first deposit on the site. There is a maximum of ₦50,000 worth of welcome bonus to be claimed.

Read More.

BetBiga Free Bet

BetBiga uses the free bet bonus to reward loyal customers who have been specially chosen to enjoy this bet.

Read More.

Virtual Games Bonus

BetBiga users can use the Virtual Games Bonus by making use of any of the BetBiga deposit channels. Bettors will get their deposit back after 7 days only if they qualify.

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BetBiga Cash-out

Cashing-out is popular among BetBiga bettors, as it is a bonus that ensures that bettors always win. With the cash out bonus you can collect the money from your bet, even before the game ends.

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50% Next Deposit Bonus

The BetBiga 50% next deposit bonus is only for users who already used the 100% welcome bonus. This bonus offers 50% of deposit as a bonus for deposits made by bettors from ₦500 and above.

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130% Combo Boost Bonus

The rules of the 130% combo boost bonus by BetBiga states that with every combo bet you place, you get more money if you win according to the score table given by BetBiga.

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MelBet offers loyal customers a range of bonuses, from birthday bonus, 200% first deposit bonus, free bet, bonus for 100 bets placed, MelBet loyalty club program, etc.

MelBet Hot Jackpot

In the MelBet Hot Jackpot, TOP-50 of the most active bettors who make  daily accumulator bets, are selected every month, and granted access to the Hottest Jackpot Awoof.

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Bonus For 100 Bets

To gain the bonus for 100 bets on MelBet, you have to register or log in to the website, and place 100 bets for a period of 30 days.

At the end of your 100 bets, you get a bonus equal to the average stake of the 100 bets you placed.

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MelBet 200% First Deposit Bonus

For first time bettors, MelBet increased the maximum amount for your first deposit bonus to  100, 000 Naira. A simple first deposit of 50,000 gets you a 100,000 Naira.

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MelBet Loyalty Club Program

The MelBet club loyalty program is for loyal MelBet users who opened an account with the site from 1 November 2017.

To join this club, log into the website, click on account settings located in the user menu, and click join the club.

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Top Sites That Offer Free Bets And No Deposit Bonuses

It is said that the best things in life are free, we agree based on the fact that the best betting sites offer free bets and no deposit bonuses to their customers.


Wazobet offers to bettors, sign amount of ₦777, a no deposit free bonus, no wager requirements and the option to withdraw bet winnings of ₦8000.


SureBet247 gives users 20% up to ₦3000 in mobile free bets. SureBet is easy to join as the minimum deposit is ₦1,000 via the mobile app.

SureBet247 is only on over/under markets with min. odds of 1,70.


On Betfair, you get ₦50 free bets, plus bonus for referring 5 friends who register on the Betfair website.


Nairabet offers free bets that add up to  100% of your betting stake. The site allows for users to place a bet during each promotion window, and offer  minimum odds of 1,2.


NetBet offers ₦500 free bets to users. As a NetBet bettor, for pre-match football, you can place 3 or more ₦500 bets and get the site’s Min. odds of 1,10 .

Best  Betting Sites That Offer Accumulator Bonus

Accumulator odds are one of the best odds a bookmarker can offer you, as it has a high potential to grow into large funds over a period of time.

These are some of the best betting sites that offer accumulator bonuses.


Bet9ja offers customers accumulator bonus up to 170%, 5 selections or more and minimum odds of 1.2.


BetKing offers bettors 225% of accumulator bonus, starting at 5 selections, and minimum odds of 1.2.

Inter Wetten

Inter Wetten gives bettors accumulator boosts of up to 15% and 5 or more selections.  The maximum accumulator boost amount in Inter Wetten is N25,000.


On BetWay, for accumulator bonus, you get a multi bet boost up to 250%.

BetWay offers 5 or more selections and minimum odds of 1.2.


SupaBets offer users an accumulator bonus of up to 125%, 2 selections or more, and a minimum odds of 1.35.


SportyBet offers you up to 135% multiple bet bonus, minimum of 4 selections, and betting odds of 1.2 or higher.

Bookmakers With The Best Betting Boosts

When you’re playing for the odds to favour you, you equally need a good bookmaker that has several odds, promotions, offers and boosts they can offer to you, in order to help you enhance your betting performance.

These are the bookmakers with the best betting boosts.


1XBet worked its way to the top of betting sites in Nigeria, and deserves to be on this list.

To bettors, 1XBet offers a fantastic betting app, wide selection of betting markets for you to place several bets in, and the most competitive odds in the Nigerian betting industry.


BetWay offers an array of betting markets and choice sports for you to choose from. The site has virtual and Esports available, as well as a mobile app which is available on iOS and Playstore.

BetWay also has features like a fast cash out option, live stream, bet builder, and 24/7 customer support.


Bet9ja is one of Nigeria’s most popular betting sites, and the foremost pioneer for sports betting in Nigeria.

Bet9ja has a wide range of sports, including games like casinos and virtual games. The site has a VIP program and an immediate cash out option as well.


Another betting site making waves in Nigeria, BetFarm offers sports enthusiasts, a  cut-one insurance offer, assured betting on over 15 sports, and an excellent live betting arena for those who enjoy real-time  events.

BetFarm has a  live stream feature and a cash out option.


True winners choose BetWinner as their bookmaker. Sitting pretty on our list of best bookmakers, BetWinner has a live streaming feature for bettors, and a Sportsbook app for both Android and Apple users.

This bookmaker also offers a generous welcome bonus to first time users. BetWinner has other features like cashout, a reliable bet builder, and a 24/7  customer support to tend to you.


One of the best football odds sites z LionsBet offers high football odds to bettors, and a homely 24/7 customer support staff to assist you as you interact with the site, they also offer

regular free bets rewards as incentives to loyal customers. eSports is available on LionsBet as well as bet builders.

Knowing which betting sites offer high odds is only a tiny fraction of winning against the odds everytime you place a bet.

To truly win, you need to understand how odds work, how to calculate your winnings against your odds, and more importantly, you need to choose the best bookmakers which offer you accurate betting tips, and boosts to enhance your betting performance.

Understanding how the odds work, won’t only give you an intimate knowledge of what the odds want, but you also learn how to use them to favour yourself, know which bookmakers are setting the right odds, which sites have your best interest at heart, and also prevent you from losing more money than you already have.

Study the odds, take into consideration the various factors, especially the unforeseen circumstances that change the outcome of an event, bet only on teams that you know will make you money, and have as many betting sites as possible to place your bets in.

Hopefully, this Best Betting Sites With High Odds guide helps.