we redesigned our home page to make it better

Betensured is celebrating its 5th year anniversary this year. And as usual, we don’t do ordinary; we decided to celebrate in a grand style by revamping and improving our website.

So, as part of our 5th year anniversary celebration, we are doing what we do best in an even better way.

Why We Decided to Change Our Skin

At Betensured, we are always looking for ways to improve our brand to make sure that our users enjoy optimal experience. We acknowledge that our customers are the reason we are here; they are a part of us. With a passion for customer satisfaction, one of the ways we satisfy our customers is to assume that they are always dissatisfied so we can further satisfy you.

As a customer-oriented brand, the main reason we decided to change our skin is because we want our bettors to have an even better experience interacting with our website. We know some of our customers might agree that we had a working system already but we wanted to celebrate by improving and give our customers a reason to keep coming back.

For this reason, when we were working on our website, we made sure to provide features that we were sure our bettors and website users will enjoy.

New Features You Will Love:

  1. Cleaner Website

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a clean website? We bet it is the fact that the website is not cluttered and everything is where it is supposed to be. There are so many things that goes into a betting website; so many pages and information that are necessary. But we have found a way to make sure not to leave any aspect out while making sure our website users enjoy a clean background. We made sure to create a well-outlined interface so you don’t get into our website wondering where to start from. Everything is properly and clearly highlighted to create not just an easier navigation but website that is pleasing to the eyes.

  • Faster Website

We realise the frustration that comes with waiting for a website to load even if the network connection is good. Even though our website has never been slow due to our prioritisation of excellence right from the start, like we have earlier started, we are always seeking ways to make even the best better. So, one of the major feature we concentrated on is to provide a faster website that loads very fast with a good network connection.

  • More Options for Beginners

Beginners are also not left behind in these changes we are making. We have introduced more exciting and interesting options for our beginners. As you join us, we will welcome you with good gifts that you are sure to appreciate.

  • Better Value for The Experience

You might be wondering if all you are getting is a better user experience and more improved user interface on the website. That is not all; we are also providing you with better value for your experience. You are not limited to a beautiful experience; you get value as well. We are as committed as ever to provide our customers and websites users with the value they come to our website to get. Like we said, we have maintained and even improved our awesomeness.

  • New and Improved Dashboard

We didn’t just concentrate on the website as a whole; we also focused on the dashboard, so when you register with us, you enjoy the experience of your personal space. We want it to indeed feel like yours and we want you to feel comfortable whenever you visit your dashboard. That’s why we made sure to create a new and improved dashboard.

This is just the beginning, there is still more to come. Believe us when we say we are never getting complacent; we will keep seeking ways to improve our website and the value we offer our bettors.

Like always, we are committed to making you proud for partnering with us and we will make sure to keep our commitment to maintain our awesomeness.

Stick with us, let’s keep creating magic together!