betting survey in nigeria 2021

Do you bet online on sport? What sports do you bet on the most?

Any passionate bettor should know that betting has had quite the evolution, going from roadside kiosks handled by one bookmaker with his really big book, to an integrated website where you can bet on a variety of sports complete with really cool features like customer support, betting tips, better security, strategies and easy access to betting sites via the use of your mobile phone, computer or laptop.

Betting has evolved, and Betensured wanted to know just how much people’s attitude towards it had changed as well, so we conducted a survey on the pulse of gambling to see how people in Nigeria bet.

During our online betting survey, we focused on areas such as:

  • Which Gender Bets More
  • Which Age Range Bets The Most
  • Why Do People Bet?
  • Where People Place Their Bets
  • Favorite Football Market
  • Favourite Sports Market
  • Favourite League To Bet On
  • How Many Odds Bettors Bet On
  • How Many Betting Sites People Use

Online Betting in Nigeria: A Look at the Trends, Facts and Stats in 2021

state of online betting in nigeria

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During our survey, we found that:

1:  Men Bets More Than Women

Our survey reveals that we have more men using online sites to bet more than women. In a similar survey we took in 2019, men still gambled more than women.

This may be due to the fact that men are usually more passionate about sports and are generally more likely to take risks betting on sports.

2: Age Group

From the survey, we noticed that the age group that bet the most, were between the ages of 25-31, making up 33.69% of the bettors.

This shows that online betting is more prominent amongst people in their early twenties and thirties.

3: Why People Bet

When we asked 749 of our bettors why they bet, 610 of them, 81.44% said that they bet for the purpose of making money. That was the largest number of responses we got for this question. In 2019, more people  gambled for money.

Online betting is lucrative and some bettors who are really good at it, walk away with wins running into millions and it is a fast way to make money.

4: Which Countries Bet the Most

Our survey showed that out  of the 5 African countries that took the survey, Nigeria had the highest number of bettors. They were 423, 57.48% Nigerians out of 749 people from other African countries and America, who took the survey. Nigerians are passionate about sports, especially football and they have some of the best betting sites like Betensured which is always willing to reward that passion with the best odds, promos, betting strategies and every other thing they’ll need to make betting and cashing out easy for them

5: Where Do People Bet

Mobile phones are the most preferred medium of placing bets, 66.71% of our bettors agree. In 2019, when we asked our bettors the question “How Do You Gamble?” mobile phones were chosen as the least preferred method of betting.

Now, mobile phones are more convenient for placing bets because they’re easily accessible.

6: The Favourite Betting Markets for Bettors in Nigeria

The Favourite football market for bettors in Nigeria is a straight win, this is according to 35.51% people, 266 bettors, the largest number for this response.

7: Favourite Leaque People Bet On

487 of our bettors, 66.02% say that English Premier League is their favourite league to bet on.

If you are interested, you can check out some football predictions for our English Premier League.

8: Number of Betting Sites People Use

242 of our bettors, 34.33% use two betting websites for betting on sports, this is the highest number for this question. In 2019, when we asked our bettors a similar question: How Many Bookmakers Do You Use? 37.3% of gamblers said they use one bookmaker, that was the highest number of responses at that time.

2019 VS 2021: State Of Online Betting In Nigeria

On comparing the two surveys – (go here to check out the first survey in 2019), we took on online betting and generally people’s behavior towards it, we discovered that not much has changed in the past 2 years as we found some similarities in how people bet now and how they bet then.

Similarities in bettors behaviours we found include:

  • Men bet more than women in 2019 and again in 2021.
  • Nigeria still bets more than Kenya, Uganda, and Ghana. We had the highest number of online bettors in both 2019 and 2021.
  • The reason with the most response as to why people bet, was for the money. More people bet for money in 2019, and that pattern was repeated in 2021.


  • 97.20% men gamble more than women and only 2.67% women bet.
  • 70.5% of bettors use one or more than one betting sites.
  • 81.44% bettors admitted to betting for the purpose of making money.
  • 33.69% of people between 25-31 years bet more than other age grades.
  • Nigeria bets more than other African countries.
  • 66.7% Bettors agree that mobile phones are the most preferred medium of betting.
  • 35.51% people agree that a straight win is their favourite football market.
  • Our bettors favourite sports market is football, 97.2% agree.
  • Favourite league to bet on is European Premier League.
  • 34.22% of bettors say that the bet on 2 sites.

Online betting has evolved into something better and more convenient than how people used to bet in the past, but while some bettors’ behaviour changed over the years; like going from betting on a road side kiosk to betting with your devices, somethings about betting hasn’t changed.

From two years ago till now, people continue going into online betting for money as they did two years ago, men are still betting more than women, and Nigeria bets more than other African countries, placed in the same class of countries that are passionate about sports as it is.

We think online betting has come to stay, and the more it grows, the more bettors will find new ways to adapt to these upgrades made to it.