Bundesliga Predictions, Betting Tips and Odds 2021/2022

The Bundesliga 2021/22 season that began on August 13th last year is packed up with twists and turns, spectacular battles, and beautiful goals. As usual, the German top-tier championship attracts the attention of both football fans and betting enthusiasts. We have compiled the latest teams and scorers’ statistics which can help you build the proper betting strategy and have an informed choice when placing bets.

Bundesliga Title Winner Predictions
It is not necessary to read soccer betting tips or explore multiple bookmakers’ analyses to know that the favorite to win the Bundesliga 2021/22 title is Bayern Munich. Again…

We have witnessed countless times how after a couple of successful seasons there is a noticeable decline in the game level of the teams, be it due to the change of generations, the outflow of key players, or the contradictions between the coach and players. This unwritten rule obviously has nothing to do with Bayern Munich. They have won the last nine German championships and do not seem to intend stopping their raid. The excellent performance is not limited to the local tournaments only – in the 2012/13 and 2019/20 seasons, Bayern Munich conquered the continental treble becoming only the second European club with such an achievement.

If we have to point out a team with realistic chances to challenge the Bayern Munich supremacy, the only option we currently see is Borussia Dortmund. In five of the last nine Bundesliga seasons, the BVB club has been a hair’s breadth from the title, finishing as the runner-up.
Far more interesting is the situation around the third and fourth place, which also give the right to participate in the UEFA Champions League. Currently, five teams are gathered within only 3 points – Freiburg, Bayer Leverkusen, TSG Hoffenheim, Eintracht Frankfurt, and Union Berlin.

Top Goal Scorers in the Bundesliga

When making predictions regarding the top goal scorers in the Bundesliga, the question is whether anyone will be able to surpass Robert Lewandowski this year. The reason for him being the bookmakers’ favorite lies in his glorious career and multiple personal achievements. Being part of the German top-level league from 2010, Lewandowski is considered one of its best strikers of all time. Probably his most impressive achievement is that as part of Bayern Munich he reached the European treble and he was the No.1 goalscorer in all three competitions. What is more, Robert Lewandowski was the first football player to do it as the sole top scorer.

Those who have bet on him for the previous four Bundesliga seasons made no mistake since he was the best goal scorer in all of them. His 41 goals during the 2020/21 season are the all-time record.

Exactly half of the current football season has passed and Lewandowski is again leading the list with 19 goals so far. His main rival according to the bookmakers’ odds is Erling Haaland playing for Borussia Dortmund. Just before the 18th round of the Bundesliga, he has scored 13 goals, 3 of them being penalty shots. A player that is also worth considering to bet on is the young Patrik Schick who performs very well this season – 16 goals in 14 matches.

Playing football in pandemic times

The 2021/22 Bundesliga season was renewed this Friday, January 7th after the two-week winter break. Sad to say, the local authorities are once again restricting fans from attending matches due to another coronavirus wave, and lots of them are played in empty stadiums. Although necessary, we hope this will be a short-term measure since it adversely affects clubs’ revenues, which in the long run may have more significant consequences.

Online sportsbooks on the other hand are not that much affected by the pandemic circumstances and those that offer better Bundesliga odds and live streaming enjoy great interest by punters.


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