The special thing about football for a neutral is the anticipation, uncertainty and entertainment. That is why teams winning the same trophies every year in the same League for a long time could get really boring (you, Old Lady, you).

For Liverpool and their fans, they would not mind. After waiting for exactly 30 years to win the League, they would not mind winning nine consecutive Premier League trophies like Juventus.

Well, to begin, they would have to first win consecutive League titles, starting with this coming season.

Liverpool has been on the up in recent years: Champions League winners 2018/2019 season, Premier League runner-up in the same season with a points tally that would have won the title in practically every other season and English Premier League winners 2019/2020.

They have to go at it again in the next couple of weeks.

Since the lockdown, Liverpool have not been at their very best. This could be due to the fact that they had already won the League. It could also be due to the fact that they have not been very good.

Liverpool’s structure has not really changed; apart from the signing of Konstantinos “Kostas” Tsimikas as a back-up left back, they have the same players as no one has left, which would mean that their style of play would most likely be the same as it would be difficult to change the structure in terms of play with the same personnel which then means that opposition teams would have a better understanding on how to handle them. This lack of change could lead to a certain level of complacency, something that Jurgen Klopp and his staff would be looking to avoid.

Liverpool, with all their dynamism and energy, lack creativity in the middle of the pitch. Teams that decide to sit back have a chance as this Liverpool side tends to send in a lot of crosses -from Trent Alexander Arnold from the right and Andrew Robertson from the left – due to the lack of vision in the middle (see Atletico Madrid in the Champions League, Watford, West Ham (H), Burnley (H) in the Premier League, Arsenal in the Community Shield, albeit a pre-season game, and so on).

This would mean that the signing of Thiago could not be more important at this point. The ability to pick out passes in forward areas and in key positions would be highly needed as teams are beginning to understand that going toe-to-toe with Liverpool is not a very sound tactical idea. Naby Keita has tried in that regard but he has not really lived up to expectation.

Ultimately, with all that has been said, Liverpool have been getting better season in, season out in the last three years. The main concern right now would be to maintain their levels of performance from last season. Or, can they get even better? Now, that would be some sight to see.