UEFA Champions League is one of the oldest and most reputed football tournaments across the world and it is considered as one of the ideals ones in the world of sports betting as well!

It is over six decades old and the tournament has witnessed many changes in this time frame. The present format of the tournament has 32 teams which are divided into 8 groups with 4 teams in each group named A to H.

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They are going to play within each other in the group at the group stage and finally, 16 teams will make it to the next round and the rest will get eliminated. The draw of the tournament is out just a few days back and everything looks well placed.

So let’s have a preview of the tournament and of the upcoming matches and try to find out what is in the offering in this year’s UEFA Champions League.

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We are just a few days away from the most exciting and popular European Club football tournament. Champions league matches are going to commence in a couple of days from now and the draws are already out. While some of the groups have good competition, others does not seem to have that much of a competition as such. However, predictions and permutations and combinations are good till the match starts and it makes up for a good starter. The present level of most of the teams is great and they have the caliber and ability to surprise and change the results. In this article, we are going to have a quick look at the draw and the groups and we are going to analyze and predict the results of the preliminary matches of the Champions League.

Group A

Club Brugge   

Galatasaray AŞ

Paris Saint-Germain  

Real Madrid CF

Group A consists of the above 4 teams. Real Madrid has won the tournament for the maximum time and they seem to be the favorite for topping this group as well. However, there seems to be a close competition for the second spot. All three teams have their fair chances to make it into the knockout stage. It would be interesting to see which among the other three would make it in the next round.

Group B

FC Bayern München 

FK Crvenazvezda      

Olympiacos FC          

Tottenham Hotspur    

Group B consists of above 4 teams. Out of these four Tottenham Hotspur seems to lead the group. However, there is no guarantee that they are going to top the group. Other teams are equally good and they can surprise each other and therefore it would be hard to determine which among these four teams would make it to the next round. However, Tottenham seems to be favorite for topping this group with other options quite wide open.

Group C

Atalanta BC    

FC Shakhtar Donetsk

GNK Dinamo Zagreb 

Manchester City FC

Group C has Manchester City FC and Atlanta BC as quite favorites for topping the group. They are comparatively well placed and stand a very good chance of making it into the knockout stage. It seems that they are unlikely to suffer any surprises and should make it comfortably into the last 16 stage.

Group D

Bayer 04 Leverkusen

Club Atlético de Madrid

FC Lokomotiv Moskva


Group D consists of above 4 teams. Juventus seems to be favorite for topping the group. Although the other two teams have good chances of surprising each other and they can also give a good run for money to Juventus. This is an interesting group and we have to wait till the end to determine which two teams make it to the next round.     

Group E

FC Salzburg   

KRC Genk     

Liverpool FC  

SSC Napoli

The defending Champions Liverpool are placed in group E. There are some good teams in this group is well but Liverpool and FC Salzburg seems to be stronger than the other two teams. However, there are good chances that Nepali and krcgenk can surprise each other and make it into the next round.

Group F

Borussia Dortmund    

FC Barcelona

FC Internazionale Milano

SK Slavia Praha        

Group F seems to be most interesting as well as the strongest and toughest group. It has Barcelona which is the most popular team of the tournament. Apart from it, the group has got AC Milan which is a strong team closely follows by Dortmund and Praha. All these teams have strong players and fans support. It would be interesting to see which among these  4 are able to make it to the next round As said earlier, this is the toughest group of the tournament.

Group G

FC Zenit         

Olympique Lyonnais  

RB Leipzig      

SL Benfica

Group G consists of the above 4 teams. All of these teams are at par with each other and they have chances of making it to the next round. They are good chances of draws as well. Therefore the goal difference can also play a crucial role to determine the final two teams that make it to the round of 16. This is an open group and can have any of the two out of the four, who would make it to the next round. 

Group H

AFC Ajax       

Chelsea FC    

LOSC Lille

Valencia CF

Group H is yet another interesting group with Ajax, Chelsea along with Valencia CF in it. All these teams are more or less at par with each other and they could well surprise each other at any time and in any match. So we have to wait till the end to determine which among these four teams finally make it into the next round.

Final words

So here were some of the predictions at our end. As is clear, these are just predictions and no guarantees. You obviously could have a different opinion and you should also have your own favorite team and players for the tournament. So feel free to share your opinion and let us know whom you think would make it to the next round? We wait for your comments in our comment section. Thanks for reading this article and let all of us get ready to witness the most popular European football tournament of the year! 

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