If travel wasn’t such a big and costly hindrance, then we could go to the casino all the time. Some people who live in Vegas do, and can often be found relaxing at the slots on a weekday afternoon. That’s because there’s a unique thrill you get from taking on the odds, knowing that there’s always a chance you can win a life-changing sum. You watch the numbers spin, you hope for the best, and maybe an alarm goes off and says that you won!

Thanks to the advancements of the 21st century, that same thrill can be experienced at home. Online casinos offer new ways to play, methods to earn free plays, and less risks. With so many easy options to start playing and winning, you don’t need to pack your bags and head to the nearest pricey resort. Like many other things offered on our phones, however, there’s a lot of choice. Too much for some.

Every major casino in the US has its own online version now, as do several European branches. They all tempt with flashy graphics and promises of big jackpots. So which is the right online casino for you? Here are the factors you should weigh when making your choice.

Location, Location, Location

Even though the internet connects us all, online casinos are still bound to the laws of specific areas. In the United States, each individual state has its own regulations surrounding gambling. This in turn led to the formation of certain deals, as various Native American tribes and local governments made partnerships with casino brands. Where you live will directly affect your choice of casino.

This can work in your favor. For instance, those living in New Jersey or Pennsylvania have access to Borgata, a casino app with very high customer satisfaction ratings. It makes sense for players in those states to use Borgata, but those in other states can’t even access that company’s app. Likewise, certain companies offer special deals based on where you live. If you’re into sports betting, you might find that DraftKings Casino in Pennsylvania gives better promo packages than DraftKings Florida.

Of course, the reverse is true. If the tribes in your state only want to work with one provider, or your state’s laws prohibit certain companies from doing business, your casino options will be limited. And if online gambling isn’t legalized in your state, you might not be able to play at all. 

Does It Offer A Rewards Program, How Good Is It?

Another way to pick your casino is based on rewards options. Online casinos tend to offer VIP programs or loyalty memberships. These give you points for playing table games like blackjack and top slots. Each service offers its own way to earn points, usually with a specific amount of points per money wagered. Get enough points, and you can redeem them for event passes or free plays credited to your account. It’s a simple way to get more for playing more. Each service offers its own version of a VIP package, so you’ll want to shop around if you plan to play a lot.

What Do You Like To Play?

The final, but perhaps most important question, is what games you like to play. If you’re more into slots, you’ll want to pick an app like 888 that offers a large variety of slots games. If table games and card games are more your speed, big brands like Virgin or MGM will be your go-to. And the sports betters out there will be most attracted to FanDuel or DraftKings as they offer the biggest selection of sportsbook options and fantasy league support.

Once you’ve picked your favorite game, found a good loyalty program, and made sure it’s offered in your state, you’re good to go!