different types of betting calculators explained

Sports betting is great fun, offering players a chance to test their knowledge and win money in the process. However, as enjoyable as sports betting is, it is not without its issues. For example, working out your odds when you have multiple wagers on the go can be challenging. Luckily, calculator websites are able to do this for you – but with so many different ones to choose from, selecting which calculator you need can be confusing. Luckily, we are here to help. Below we have compiled a quick guide to everything you need to know about betting calculators. 

Free Bet Calculator

In a crowded marketplace, one way that operators try to entice new customers is by offering free bets in a welcome bonus. Despite their name, free bets are not entirely free and often come with wagering requirements. Most offers require you to stake some of your own money while not all of your winnings will be withdrawable straight away. If you want to save yourself the pain of working all of the specifics out on your own, make sure you seek out a free bet calculator.

Matched Betting Calculator 

Matched Betting is a bit of a time commitment, but it is one of the most sure ways to win money while sports betting. One of the most time-consuming parts of matched betting is working out how much you need to stake on your lay bet in order to create the matched bet. This is where a matched betting calculator can come in. Instead of painstakingly working out the odds on your own, simply enter the matchedbetting details and the calculator does it all for you. 

Accumulator Betting Calculator

Accumulator betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling – particularly in sports like football and tennis. However, as you add more and more selections to your accumulator, it becomes harder to work out the overall odds for your selection. Entering all of your odds into a betting calculator solves this problem, producing one number at the end with minimal fuss.  

Each Way Bet Calculator 

Betting each way is a good way to cover your losses if your bet does not secure an outright winner. Because of this, it is used by horse racing and other sports where one winner is chosen. Each way betting can be a tricky concept to get your head around early on. Therefore, to avoid any confusion, it is best to seek out a betting calculator. This will work out your winnings if your bet wins or places in a matter of seconds. 

Asian Handicap Bet Calculator

Asian Handicaps are generally used by more serious gamblers. They have the advantage of removing the likelihood of a draw in sports where ties happen often such as football. There are a lot of variables in bets like this, which can make placing them for the first time daunting. This becomes considerably less scary with the help of a betting calculator which works out the odds for you.