Drake Returns To Live Streaming On New Platform Kick.com

Aubrey Drake Graham is a household name in the music industry. Apart from his prowess as a rapper, the renowned Canadian superstar has built his popularity in the gambling community. His high-stake wagers have made him an in-demand figure for betting marketing teams.

Drake joined the Twitch streaming community in 2022 in partnership with Stake.com. However, he was among those forced to look for alternative streaming sites following Twitch’s policy update

The Amazon-owned streaming service banned big-name betting sites in October 2022. Among the affected companies was Stake.com, Drake’s endorsed betting website. Twitch also prohibited streaming roulette, dice, and other unlicensed games.

Many other streamers reduced their Twitch activities and looked for a site that supports their gambling streams. Unfortunately, this movement has affected Twitch’s numbers, with its viewership dropping by 20% immediately after the update.

So, on which streaming platform can Drake’s followers find the rapper’s gambling content? His recent stream session suggests he’ll be a regular streamer on the newly launched Kick.com.

Fans were surprised to see Canadian rapper Drake return to live streaming on Kick.com, a new platform backed by popular streamer Trainwreckstv. The platform’s policies allow for the streaming of slots and other types of gambling websites, which has attracted Drake, known for his interest in gambling, back to live streaming.

This article will discuss Drake’s previous and current gambling escapades.

Drake’s gambling and live-streaming experience

Drake has been in the gambling industry for over a decade, thanks to his available resources. He’s known for wagering hundreds of thousands of dollars per bet. 

With a net worth of over USD$200 million, you can understand why he’s always ready to risk that much money. In fact, this habit is the reason he’s often referred to as the “betting whale.” 

The renowned rapper is an active figure on social media. He often keeps his followers in the know through Instagram posts. But he also introduced Twitch to his list of social media platforms following his deal with Stake.com. 

Drake signed a marketing contract with the crypto-betting company in 2022. The two parties created the StakeDrake channel on Twitch on which Drake would broadcast his gambling sessions. 

His first stream on the Amazon-owned site attracted a large audience. The Canadian broadcast three interactive casino gaming sessions in 2022 before Twitch’s gambling update. Unfortunately, StakeDrake ended up on the wrong side of the new rules because it was primarily built on slot gaming.

The five-time Grammy Awards winner had to find an alternative, and in came Kick.com. This new live-streaming platform is currently one of the best options for casino streamers. Trainwreck, a popular Twitch content creator, has been promoting the service since Twitch changes. 

Of course, everyone knew that Drake would find his way into the streaming world. However, a few expected him back on the screen that quickly when he made his Kick.com debut in December 2022.

Drake didn’t miss a beat as he and prominent streamer Roshtein bet millions on roulette during the inaugural live stream for a sponsored session on Stake.com.

The stream began with the two celebrities having a chitchat about their lives. Fans were also allowed to ask questions as the hosts answered. 

One viewer inquired about Drake’s expected World Cup Final winner, and he backed Argentina. He placed a bet against Roshtein, who supported France in the final. 

Kick.com has undoubtedly attracted the attention of many other streamers. But what’s different on the new streaming platform? Read on to learn more.

How different are Kick’s policies?

Kick has attracted the attention of many streamers, and rightly so. First, the fact that popular content creators back it makes it the ideal choice for many potential streamers. Trainwreck is among those who’ve actively promoted the new streaming service. 

According to the Twitch influencer, Kick.com’s policies are geared towards enhancing the streamers’ experience. The platform’s terms of service (TOS) make it unique, especially in an industry where many companies prioritize profits over content creators’ welfare. 

Here are some of the terms:

  • Clear TOS to avoid ambiguous bans

One of the biggest areas criticized by many Twitch onlookers is the disciplinary department. The Amazon-owned site is notorious for banning content creators under unclear circumstances. This has built a sense of insecurity among users, as they’re not sure if they’re on the right track.

Indefinite suspensions also make it difficult for content creators to build consistency on their channels. Given the industry’s competition, a few weeks of inactivity means one risks losing followers.

Fortunately, solving this problem is one of the factors on Kick’s to-do list. The Trainwreck-backed platform is creating a list of terms and conditions that’ll help minimize unexplainable bans. Streamers will understand everything they’re required to do and will have no complaints if they’re suspended rightfully. 

  • The best revenue split

Kick.com is also distinguishing itself from the rest through its revenue split. In his social media post, Trainwreck mentioned that revenue is the main reason he’s against the current Twitch policies. 

Twitch offers a 50/50 split, which is a standard rate across the industry. However, most content creators don’t think it’s enough, and you can understand their concerns. These are the main stakeholders in any live-streaming company, so they should be rewarded accordingly.

Initially, Twitch offered premium-rated streamers a 70/30 split. However, that policy will change in July 2023, with premium creators allowed to enjoy that rate only for their first USD$100,000. After that, everyone will receive 50% of the money collected through subscriptions.

How will Kick.com compete with the likes of Twitch in this area? The newly launched platform is willing to offer streamers a 95/5 split. Trainwreck believes the 5% that the company keeps is enough to run all behind-the-scenes operations. It’ll be interesting to see how this split will affect the industry, given that it’s the highest so far. 

  • Streamers keeping all the kicks

“Kicks” are all the tips content creators receive from their viewers while streaming. Most streaming services keep a percentage of these donations. Considering the split ratio offered by these platforms, streamers usually go home with lower income than they deserve.

Fortunately, Kick is taking a different trajectory. Its policies ensure that all content creators receive what’s rightfully theirs. All donations from receivers will go to the streamers’ accounts, with Kick.com keeping 0% of it. 

This move is an excellent way of supporting the creators’ careers. The more income they enjoy, the better placed they’ll be to create high-quality content. Amazing and engaging streams attract more viewers and increase the popularity of the platform, which is a win for everyone involved. 

  • Supporting gambling streams

Gambling has always been a controversial topic in the live-streaming industry. The fact that streaming platforms are accessible to people from all age groups is the leading cause of this issue. It’s among the main reasons Twitch closed the door on gambling-related streams and websites. 

The Amazon-owned site currently prohibits any content related to dice, slots, roulette, and other unlicensed games. Stake.com and other similar websites are also not allowed on any streams. This update left many content creators stranded as they looked for the best alternatives.

Fortunately, the introduction of Kick.com comes as a solution to this problem. The new streaming site allows gambling content. But streamers must adhere to the platform’s policies to avoid posing a social threat to the viewers. 

As earlier mentioned, Kick plans to create clear terms of service to enhance smooth operations. These terms also cover gambling and guide content creators on the best way to broadcast betting sessions.

The best part is that Kick.com has joined hands with Stake.com, one of the biggest crypto casinos. With Ed Craven and his team on board, Kick will benefit from the experience of Stake.com in the gambling industry. This way, the streaming service will know how to avoid unnecessary mistakes in this controversial field. 

  • Allowing username transfer from Twitch

Many potential Twitch alternatives failed within their first few months of operation because they didn’t offer the best environment. Imagine a big streamer on Twitch with 100,000 followers being forced to start from scratch on a new unpopular platform. 

Most content creators find it difficult to move to such sites because they’ve already built a brand on Twitch. So, leaving the current platform may do them more harm than good.

Kick.com is quite different, as it allows streamers to jump ship with their brands intact. One can retain their exact brand name on Kick.com. All they have to do is alert their followers on other streaming platforms. Plus, it’s easier for fans to find their favorite streamers because they already have the stage name.

Drake’s collaboration with Kick.com

Drake’s gambling escapades have become more pronounced in recent years. His partnership with Stake.com in 2022 played a role in the growth of his popularity. 

The Canadian music superstar agreed to host Stake-sponsored broadcasts on Twitch. During the streams, he’d place bets using Stake’s betting platform and, at the same time, reward his loyal viewers. 

However, this deal lasted for a few months, as Twitch updated its policies in October 2022. But given Stake’s role in the creation of Kick.com, it didn’t take long before the rapper could appear on the new platform.

So, there is no direct official collaboration between Drake and Kick.com. But the fact that they both share a partner, Stake.com, makes the two partners by extension. Nevertheless, it all works in favor of Kick.com because Drake’s streams can pull a massive audience due to his popularity. This can help market the new streaming service to the rest of the industry. 

Drake’s first stream on Kick.com

Drake hosted his first stream on Kick.com in December 2022 following Twitch’s updates. His latest broadcast ran on both Twitch and Kick.com. Despite going live, it’s worth noting that the StakeDrake channel on Twitch only showed a link to Drake’s new channel, Kick.com/Drake. 

Many people interpreted this as Drake’s intention to completely shift his streams to the new platform. The “Drake” page on Kick has already attracted about 20,000 followers at the time of writing. 

But what are the main takeaways from Drake’s first stream on Kick.com? Keep reading for more. 

  • Roshtein in the building

Drake isn’t the only one that left Twitch for Kick.com. Roshtein is also one of those affected by the changes. The popular Twitch streamer joined Drake in this stream dated 16th December 2022.

If you’re a fan of the Canadian’s streams, then you know that he likes showing up in sports jerseys. This time he chose a Napoli shirt, probably because of the Italian team’s excellent season so far. 

  • The stream’s details

The stream was nicknamed the Christmas Stream, as it came a few days before Christmas Day. It attracted more than 20,000 viewers from across the globe, an impressive return for a first-time broadcast on Kick.com. 

Drake is known for giving away rewards during his Stake-sponsored streams. This was no different, as he gave out USD$2,000,000 to viewers from various countries. 

  • Were there any notable moments?

The stream started with a chitchat between the two celebrities, and viewers were allowed to ask questions. Perhaps the most notable question was about the World Cup Final, where both influencers were asked to choose sides. 

Drake and Roshtein placed bets against each other, with the Canadian supporting Argentina. However, the match ended draw after the regular 90 minutes. As a result, both players lost the bet despite the Drake-backed Argentina winning in the penalty shootout. 

Significant concerns about Drake’s new partnership

As you’d expect, there are many concerns about Drake’s collaboration with Kick.com. The new platform is connected to Stake.com, a popular betting website. Of course, Drake also has a partnership deal with the crypto-betting site. 

Many believe that the three parties may use the opportunity to promote irresponsible gambling. However, that’s not the case, as Stake.com is a licensed betting company in all regions where it operates. 

On the other hand, Kick.com has policies guiding gambling-related content. Therefore, Drake and other streamers are expected to adhere to these terms of service, whose objective is to protect all users.


Drake’s return to live streaming on Kick.com has been met with excitement from fans. The platform’s policies, which allow for the streaming of gambling websites, have attracted the artist back to streaming. Drake’s first stream on Kick.com was a success, and fans are eagerly awaiting his next streams.


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