Exploring The World Of Bitcoin Video Poker

Video poker may seem like a cross between slots and poker at first glance, but unlike slots, you have some say in the outcome of a hand by making better ones, so it’s important to know how to play. Many online video poker sites let you play casinos and earn money with Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin Video Poker is a video slot version of the classic poker game Five Card Draw. You are dealt a five-card poker hand and can exchange cards. You can exchange up to five cards at once. Following the exchange, your hand is compared to a payout chart to see if you have a winning hand. In video poker, a pair of jacks or better usually pay the least.

Bitcoin video poker casino is a digital version of the classic machines you may have played in casinos. It’s ideal for anyone who misses those old-school games and might help younger players learn more about poker’s origins as an arcade game. Let’s get into the basics of a bitcoin video poker casino, how it works, and the different types you can expect to encounter.

The History

Bitcoin casinos, including Bitcoin video poker, began with the 2010 poker event. Buy-in costs 50 BTC. However, Bitcoin’s initial price was meager. 333 BTC was estimated at $1. BitcoinFX organized the competition. It was the first step toward integrating digital money into the world’s most popular table games. The user “dollar” won 600 BTC.

Many gaming platforms now offer video machine poker tournaments for BTC fans. However, these popular Bitcoin online gambling games have unique features. These competitions guarantee anonymity. They also last less than poker tournaments. 

Bitcoin Video Poker Basics

What is it like to play bitcoin video poker, especially if you still need to do so? The game’s rules are as follows: If you need to become more familiar with bitcoin betting, our support staff will assist you. The following is an outline of everything you need to know to get started playing video poker:

Betting On Bitcoin Video Poker

You’ll not compete against a dealer or other players when playing video poker with bitcoin. Instead, this game’s goal, a variation of five-card draw poker, is to put together the best bitcoin poker hand possible. Bets are organized similarly to standard bitcoin slot machines. You can choose the value of your coins and the number of coins you want to wager on each hand. Following this, you will be dealt five cards at the start of each new round.

Hand Formation And Paytable

Your hand will have a pay table above the wagering options. As you adjust your stakes, the amount you can win changes, as shown on the paytable. The paytable can assist you in determining what you need to win. Most games use traditional poker hands such as a high-ranking Pair, Two Pairs, Three of a Kind, Straights, Flushes, Full Houses, Four kinds, Straight Flushes, and Royal Flushes. 

Bitcoin Video Poker Wins Bagging

After you’ve been dealt your five cards, use the screen buttons to keep (or discard) as many as you want. You can replace each card only once. Your five-card hand is complete after replacing any discarded cards with new ones, and it is compared to the paytable. If you have a winning hand, you will receive the prize on the paytable. Due to the lack of a dealer, any hand that matches one of the pay tables will win.

Benefits Of Bitcoin Video Poker

Switching to Bitcoin has many advantages. Bitcoin lets you withdraw money faster by hiding your identity. Playing video poker in certain places can save you money. The details are as follows:

Faster Bitcoin Transactions

Bitcoin video poker sites are typically able to process transactions more quickly. Whether playing the mobile or desktop versions of Bitcoin video poker, gamers can quickly withdraw and deposit money without being charged any transaction fees by following a few simple steps.

Universal Acceptance

Bitcoin is currently the most widely used cryptocurrency in circulation. This cryptocurrency is recognized in many countries, which has led some players to use it rather than real money when gambling online.

Enhanced Security

There are many dangers associated with disclosing personal information on the internet. The good news is that an appropriately regulated Bitcoin video poker site will offer reliable and tried-and-true money transfer methods so players can avoid these risks.

Types Of Bitcoin Video Poker Games

A casino that offers BTC video poker will almost certainly have at least a couple of machines. Let’s discuss video poker types and how to play them in an online casino.

Jacks Or Better

It is the game’s original variant. Jacks or Better requires a combination of jacks, queens, kings, or aces to win. The machines and games vary in how many coins you need to bet, but credits range from a quarter to several dollars.

Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is a crypto video poker game similar to Jacks or Better that you can find in most Bitcoin casinos. The game is highly rated and enjoyable, with a great gaming experience and potentially high RTP if you use the proper online gambling strategy.

Deuces Wild requires a five-card poker hand with at least three of a kind because playing this way is more accessible than on most BTC video poker machines and games.

Bonus Poker

This variation is based on Jacks or Better. You place a wager of 1 to 5 coins and are dealt five cards. After you discard the cards you don’t need, they will be replaced by new cards, and if you can form a pair of Jacks or better, you have a winning hand. 

The primary distinction between the two games is that Bonus Poker offers more elaborate rewards for four-of-a-kind wins, depending on whether you’ve landed aces, 2s, 3s, and 4s, or four-of-a-kind 5s and higher value cards.

Joker Poker

Joker Poker, also known as Joker Wild, is a variation of Jacks or Better. The main difference is, you guessed it, the addition of a Joker card to a deck of 53 cards. Joker Poker’s odds were slightly shifted toward players to maintain balance with the extra wild card, so expect a different payout.


Video gambling with Bitcoin is growing, but it has drawbacks. Once you’ve found the game that meets all your requirements, head to the casino, open an account, and make your first deposit (which will be fast because it’s Bitcoin) to start winning big. Bitcoin video poker is as easy as transferring funds and winning. It’s easy and intuitive, so take advantage of these special offers and start winning big! Enjoy gaming!

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