Are you new to sports betting and would like to improve your football betting tips? You’re in the right place. In this guide, you’ll gather relevant information to improve your football wagering on online betting platforms like Betway sports betting and help you profit from it. Please read the guide in its entirety for it to work well for you.

Understand the Basics   

Before you start betting on football, it would be best to understand the basics. Many beginners overlook the basics, but they are essential for your success. It would help if you learned the things involved with placing bets on football. 

Apart from understanding the basics of football betting, you must know some basics of football also. Find out the leagues that exist and the teams in each one of them. Learn about the key players and team performances in the current season. 

Learn the Different Types of Football Bets

You must understand the unique types of bets you can place on football. Although you’ll not use all of them, it is important to understand the basics of each. In football betting, two types of bets are most common. They are:

  • Point Spreads – a point spread is a handicap that you use to come up with a 50/50 betting plan. Here, the bookmaker offers a point spread for the competing teams in the match. For instance, one team could have -2.5 while the other has a +2.5. The team with the -2.5 will have 2.5 points subtracted from their final score. For you to win a wager on them, they must win by over three points.  
  • Totals – on these bets, a bookmaker like Betway offers an expected total for the point both teams will score. As a punter, you’ll decide whether to bet on the under or over. If you select over, you win if the combined score is higher than set by the bookmakers and vice-versa. 

Other types of football bets you should know include:

  • Moneylines – Moneyline bets are simple. The odds depend on each team’s relative probability of winning.
  • Props– with prop bets, you wager on the results in a game that is not necessarily the final result. For instance, you can wager on the first team to score.
  • Futures – in the futures bet, you place a bet on how teams or players will perform throughout the season, for example, wagering on a team to win the league.  
  • Parlays – With parlays, you can bet on multiple football games. The payouts are usually attractive, but all the teams must win. The risk in parlays is much higher.

Know Where You Can Place Football Bets

After learning the basics of football and football betting types, it is time to place the bets. The big question is – where can you place football bets? You have several options, but you should select the one that is available in your region.

  • Casino Sportsbooks – Several casinos usually have a sportsbook which features gigantic screens showing live games. They also have digital odds boards showing all the current odds. You can either bet on the counter with a human cashier or on interactive machines.
  • Bookmaking Shops– These are similar to sportsbooks, but they are not in casinos. They also have several screens showing matches with counters where you can place your bets.
  • Telephone Betting – Many bookmakers offer telephone betting options. You’ll call the bookmaker and let them know your bets and confirm the odds then give your Credit Card Details to pay.
  • Online Sports Betting – This is arguably the best way to place football bets. It is very convenient and available too. There are several online sports betting sites like Betway that you can join and start placing your bets.

Have a Dedicated Budget

Having a budget and following it strictly is essential in your gambling endeavors. Set aside some money that is exclusively for football betting and plan how you’ll use it. Decide the percentage of the available funds you’ll use for each bet. Never use money meant for other essential things in your home or workplace.

Bottom Line

When starting, have simple objectives like having fun as you learn then revise them as you become more experienced. Don’t rush into chasing profits before you understand how football betting works. Have a betting strategy that will guide you. You can also join betting communities online to learn from the experiences of other punters.