football betting guide for beginners


Intereted in learning about sports bettings? Then read this football betting guide we carefully put together. Betting, especially football betting, has come a long way and it has come to stay. Now people don’t just go to games to watch their favorite team win, but many people watch football matches to make some money by using football predictions sites


But how can this be achieved?

All things being equal. It is simply by placing your bet on a team to win or lose. Even fans now place bets against their favorite team all just to make a profit. So apart from reading their favorite sports blogs or watching their favorite sport, they now have a chance to make some money as well, all things being equal.


How to Bet On Football Online

Football betting has grown immensely in the 19th century. Individuals have made quite a lot of money from betting on their favorite football teams online. Although you can bet both online and offline, we are mainly concerned with how to bet on football online.

To start with, you need to understand the dynamics of betting in general, you either lose or win, therefore you need money to be able to win. You also need to decide whether you will be a punter or a gambler.

A punter will put huge loads of money on relatively low-risk odds, while a gamble will put little money at huge odds. This can be explained like this a punter will decide to put 2,000 Euros on a single game of 2 odds and win 4,000 Euros, while a gamble will bet with 50 Euros on large amounts of games worth 100 odds to win 5,000 Euros.

The difference is that the punter minimizes its risk while a gamble will bet on luck if you ask me if you have money choose to be a punter.

Then, you will need to decide which betting sites and bookmakers you will like to use, there are a plethora of bookmakers online that are ready to do business with you, therefore choose the one that is more reliable.

Moreover, decide on the leagues that you will like to bet on, the most popular leagues are the premiership, Spanish La Liga and the Italian Serie  A. they are reliable and have limited games that are fixed. Most bookmakers allow you to use your credit card to fund your online account


  Football betting odds explained

Football odds are statistical algorithms which bookmakers design to help bettors determine the games they are going to pick, In football betting, there are strong and weak teams,

The strong teams get relatively low odds especially when they are playing at their home ground while the weak teams get high odds especially when they are away from home. However if two weak teams are playing against each other, their betting odds will be almost the same team. Let us say Burnley is playing against Bournemouth you will have this type of odds

Burnley    Draw    Bournemouth

2.55         3.69          2.56


However, do not be fooled by these odds, because either low or high odds do not really matter if certain factors come to play.

Such factors are injuries, the form of the team, suspensions and red cards.

Therefore a weak team with a huge odds of say 16 odds can defeat a strong team with 1,10 odds if they are off form, This scenario happened this season when Burnley defeated Chelsea at home and also when Bournemouth defeated Chelsea at home. On that day the weaker side won and the bookmakers smile to the banks.

Be wise, when choosing odds book early to get good odds and also look at the other factors that contribute to the outcomes of games. The odds used in this explanation are mainly UK odds, US odds are infractions .e.g 2/3,11/10..e.t.c



  Football Value Bets 

If you think you can make easy money in gambling, my dear you better take heed, bookmakers are making sure you don’t win, therefore you have to work extra hard to make money on a football bet.

All we do in life should be done only when a certain value is attached to it, therefore betting on football should be able taking advantage of the value we attach to it.

The only way to make money from betting on football is attaching a value to it and making serious interest from it. A value bet occurs when we believe that the chances of a particular outcome are higher than what the odds suggest. What this implies is that only bet when there is a high probability that you will win.

Look at this scenario

An Example: Arsenal vs Wigan


Value football betting is where your knowledge of football comes into play. Let’s consider two Premier League clubs in this example, the gunners at home to Wigan. Bookmakers are offering the following odds for the match result market:


Arsenal  1.25

Draw 4.80

Wigan  7.90

For those that are keen followers of the English Premiership, we deduce that Arsenal is a top team but they always fail to perform when they face a relatively low team, also Wigan may be underdogs, but they need this win to avoid relegation at all cost.

With all this information at heart, we believe that Wigan has a good chance of winning this game, making the odds of 7.90 well worth a bet.

These odds imply that Wigan is an 18.7% chance to win. We believe their chances, while still slim, is very close to 20%. This is what value bet is all about; this is because even when the odds are against an underdog, other factors suggest that the team can perform when needed.


How to bet on football and win

It is always a good thing to bet on football and win,but let us be frank with ourselves it is impossible to always win every time, so if anybody wants to sell a book or tells you he or she has a fool-proof to win on football always ,is simply not saying the truth or simply wants to rip you off, in betting, you win some and lose somewhat you should make sure is that you win more than you lose.

Most blogs and betting sites that claim to have all the answers are just using basic marketing strategies to hook you, you have to discover yourself what will make you win more and lose.


While it is not possible to win football bets all the time, there are certain things you need to know if you wish to win at all when it comes to football, there are basic principles:


  •     Place Bet Only When There Is Value for your money
  •     Be prepared To learn from experts
  •     Bet only on The Leagues you are familiar with
  •     Bet on the reasonable Markets You Know
  •    Gamble reasonable with your money, use spare cash
  •     Make sure you keep a Record of Your Football Bets
  •     Exploit Market loopholes
  •     Follow Football Betting Tips and hint that look promising
  •    Register online Accounts with Multiple Bookmakers



Free Football Betting Database

Free football betting database comprises of statistical charts of leagues and clubs and how they compare with each other.

This option can be found in online bookmakers who make it available for bettors who wish to view what each teams winning and losing history looks like.

This option will allow you to compare two teams basically and how they have fared with each other over the seasons.

It compares the number of wins, draws, and losses. It also has goals scored between both teams, the number of cards. This database is rich with in-depth analysis of football; you will have to check on the online platforms of your bookmaker for this.

     Football Betting Stats

Football betting stats take a look at various statistics of football matches over the years to avoid de javu. This stats are important for both footballers and bettors alike to avoid mistakes make over the years and make sure they consider the outcome of the match to place a favorable bet for themselves.

If Arsenal and Tottenham have over the years always played a goalless draw, this analysis will show why and if this season will always be the same or the changes need to avoid such scenario to repeat itself on the bookmaker’s site, various leagues have this  stats:


  •     English Premier League
  •     German Bundesliga
  •     Belgian Pro League
  •     French Ligue 1
  •     Italian Serie A
  •      Dutch Eredivisie
  •    Portuguese Primeira
  •     Russian Premier League
  •     Scotland Premiership
  •     Spanish La Liga


Football Betting Calculator Spreadsheet

If you are really serious about making real-time money on betting that using the football betting calculator is your best bet.

This program helps you to analyze and calculate your betting history. It helps to note your wins and losses and where necessary adjustments should be made.

However what you should note is that this program differs from bookmakers to other bookmakers, but it is all to one goal: football analysis.



It is very simple to understand. Just type the league or competition you are gambling on, the exact date, your bet type description, your stake, the odds and the bookie you placed the bet with.

Once it matches one another and has been completed or the market closed, choose Win, Loss or refund from the Result options and the football betting calculator will calculate your gains or loss plus you’re running profit/loss and your overall football betting ROI.


Football Fixtures Excel Spreadsheets

Searching for the latest football fixtures Excel spreadsheets for competitions across Europe, USA, and the UK can be a daunting task, however with the football fixture excel spreadsheet, the work gets easier.

You can download over 50 formats for the upcoming competitions across the world with just a click. You can download this application online and it will give you something like it is shown below for various leagues:


  • Argentina League Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Belgium Jupiter League Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Bulgaria A PFG Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Brazil league Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Bolivia league Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Croatia 1 HNL Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Cyprus Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Czech Republic Liga Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Denmark Superliga Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • England Premier League Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • England Championship Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • England League One Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • England League Two Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • England National League Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Finland Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • French Ligue 1 Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • French Ligue 2 Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Germany Bundesliga Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Germany Bundesliga 2 Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Greece Super League Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Hungary Liga Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Iceland Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Ireland Premier Division Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Iran Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Italy Serie A Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Italy Serie B Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Italy Serie C Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Italy seria D Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Latvia Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Netherlands Eredivisie Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Netherlands Eerste Divisie Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Nigerian premier league Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Northern Ireland Premiership Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Norway Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Peru Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Poland Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Portugal Primeira Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Romania Liga 1 Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Russia Premier League Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Scottish Premiership Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Scottish Championship Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Serbia Super Liga Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Slovakia Fortuna Liga Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Slovenia Prva liga Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • South African league Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Spanish La Liga Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Spanish league 2 Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Sweden Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Switzerland Super League Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Turkey Super League Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Ukraine Premier League Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Wales Premier League Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Uzbekistan league Fixtures Excel spreadsheet
  • Zambia league Fixtures Excel spreadsheet

What is  Football Bets Explained


The question on many lips, either for punters or gamblers is how exactly can one bet successfully on football?

The answer to these questions is not easy at all. This is because there are different ways of making money on a football bet, therefore what works for tom may not work for a job?

What did we advise though is to research carefully and create a niche you desire?

What should be noted however is that there are many bets to be explored which will be profitable in this betting business, depending on several factors which range from experience, amount of capital and the fear factor, there are various betting option to explore, they are but not limited to:

  1. Straight win option
  2. Over and under 1.5-4.5
  3. Handicap
  4. Straight Draws

5 Double Mix options

  1. Draw no bet (DNB)
  2. BTS (GG) and NG

8 10- 15 minutes Draw


Straight win: This option is marked 1×2, and it entails that one of the two teams will likely win, therefore, if you feel the home team will win just click on 1, if you feel the away team will win just click on 2.It is a very risky option however it comes with huge odds and bonuses

Over and undder1.5-4.5: This options deals with goals, it means over and under 2 goals, 3goals, and 4 goals. These options should be used when two high scoring teams are playing. Let’s say if a Barcelona team takes on a PSG team, for instance, it will be safe to choose over 2.5 goals in the match to boost one chance of winning in the match.

Straight Draw: the straight draw option is a very risky bet but a lucrative one. If you are in a quandary choosing between two strong teams, or after careful statistical analysis, you notice that both teams playing using end it stalemate you can choose this option. it comes with odds ranging from 2.98 odds to 7.00 odds in a single match, be wise.

BTS: This bet means both teams to score, while in some bookies sites it is known as Goal Goal. What these simply means that it is highly likely that both teams will score at least one goal against each other. This option should be chosen when the teams playing have a porous defense. Let’s say for example an Arsenal team is playing against Liverpool. Both teams are a high scoring team and have a very shaky defense.



  How to Place Football Bets Online


Placing foot bets online is very easy once you are familiar with betting in general, however, you need to know the exact bookmaker to use when placing a bet to boost your chances of winning.

The question to ask this is which online bookie is best for you?

Choosing the right bookie is more than just asking, you need to do and in-depth research on the reliable bookies around and what they can offer you. Different bookmakers offer a various mouth-watering incentive to attract customers, therefore make sure you choose the one that will serve your interest in the long-run. There is no free luck anywhere, therefore always scrutinize every free been dangled by bookies online.

Several factors should be considered when you want to choose a bookmaker online:

  • Reliability
  • Accessibility
  • Flexibility
  • 24 hours Customer care
  • Bookies with huge odds
  • Bookie with cash-out options

When placing bets online make sure your bookies ticks over 80% of the above factors to avoid stories that touch the heart.



                  Football Free Bets and Betting Offers


Bookies in a bid to attract for customers now provide various freebies and offers to intend and existing customers free-of-charge.

There are various freebies which may attract you to a particular bookie, some of them are: 100% bonus on first crediting of an account

What this promotional offer entails is that for a new customer who wishes to do business with a particular bookie he or she will be credited with the same amount of money the customer credits the personal account with.

Let’s say a customer registers today and funds the account with a thousand pounds, the bookie will add another thousand pounds making a total of 2,000 pounds in the customer account.

This type of promotional offer is mainly time-bound and amount specific. It encourages the member to credit with huge amounts of money in order to gain access to this offer.


What Are Bet Insurance?

This type of offer is available if a customer bets on the certain odd type and it allows you a certain amount of money back to your account in cash or otherwise, even if some of your bets fail. Not all bookies give out offers like this but some like Nairabet will give you a certain amount of your money back if only one team spoils your ticket.

What this implies is that if you stake on take games and you win 9 and lost only one, you will be entitled to some part of your winnings, if you are expected to win 10,000 pounds but have a team spoil your ticket you may be given 4.000 pounds.

Some top bookies who offer good promotional offers and freebies are:

Winnersgoldenbet, Paddy Power, betway, Betfair, merrybet, bet9ja, SkyBet.



                      Football Live Streaming

The days of going to watch football matches in viewing centers are now passed, with the advent of the internet, things have now become easier to a large extent.

Football matches can now be streamed online if you have the available data to view those matches. This is because you need huge amounts of data to have access to this feature if you is interesting.

Various bookies have keyed into this option to attract many customers all you need to do is to have an account with them, which is free and go to their online platform and view your favorite team

Football live streaming gets you access to a majority of European and UK live matches

Although note that some bookies will not allow you to view live football on their platforms if your account is not funded or those now have the required type of  funds in them, therefore you have to check with your online bookie, their terms and conditions for viewing  football live

Check with online bookies like Betfair and Ladbrokes, which are popular sites, how you can gain access to their live streaming features, but please note that some of the commentaries on this platforms are not in English due to rights infringement policies, however, you will still get to view these matches in clear HD.


             Tips to Help You When You Bet on Football

The question on bettors mind is; are their sites that give free football tips and are these tips of good value. The answer is yes and no. You can get reliable tips on football matches from experts online, while some are free, others and not.

There are people who have taken it upon themselves to offer good free football tips to everyone, while others offer it for a small fee.

The catch here is, there is no absolute tip to any football match unless it is fixed, which am sure you won’t get easier. Therefore anyone who promised to give you and 100% tip for a football match just wants to rip you off.

Football fix matches do occur but the probability that you will get it anyhow is below 1%. These fix matches are organized crime syndicates with very few people who have access to the information, therefore do not be fooled.

However if anyone promises you free tip, then you can check it out since you won’t pay a dime.

To bet on football tips consider these things:

  • The source
  • How much you will pay for the tip
  • Feedbacks from people who have used such tips before.


This football betting guide for beginners explains how betting as means of making money has come to stay, with many favoring it as a means of making extra income.