online betting survey 2019

Why do people bet?

What factors are important to them when they are considering picking a bookmaker?

This and many more was one of the few things we wanted an answer to when we put together the first of its kind Online Betting Survey.

The result is what is presented below.

According to the survey, we can deduce that:

  1. More men bet more than women
  2. The country with the highest number of people placing bet is Nigeria. This is not surprising. After all, Nigeria has a teaming population of over 180m people and growing.
  3. 45% of people bet online. With increasing access to internet and mobile penetration, we expect to see more people gamble online.
  4. 84.7& of people gamble to make more money
  5. A greater number of people use only one bookmaker
  6. On the average, people place bet once every day of the week. No wonder the betting industry has a lot of money
  7. Football betting is still the most popular sports people in Africa are betting on
  8. When choosing a bookmaker, quality of site and the choice of games are the most important factors people are considering.

We are thankful to everyone who took part in our online betting survey.


Football betting continues to be a very big industry in developing countries. Understanding how and why people bet may be the secret to unveiling the potential of a multimillion industry.