Getting the Most from Your Football Accumulator Bets


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Football accumulators have become one of the most popular ways to gamble on sports across the world. Every week millions of people place small stakes on European football, hoping that the results fall their way and they can make a decent profit from a small stake.

By combining bets in accumulators, it is possible for an initial stake of just a pound or perhaps less to win hundreds or thousands of pounds if the bet wins. Many weekly gamblers have begun to use a little strategy when placing their bets, and by being patient and letting their winnings slowly build, they have begun to reap large weekly profits from only a small initial stake.

Combine Low-Odds Events for a High-Odds Return

There is no such thing as a sure thing, every bet contains some risk. Betting on the outcome of a sporting tie may seem simpler, but in football, anything can happen. By betting on events that can happen in a game, you reduce the amount of risk in your wager.

In any football game, some events are incredibly likely, such as goals being scored or the tie being won or drawn by an in-form home team. You can combine low-odd bets into large accumulators, and often create huge returns from a small stake of a pound or less. 

Roll Up Smaller Stakes on Safer, Lower Odds

It is possible to combine two or three likely events or outcomes into an ‘evens’ bet. In a bet with these odds, if you were to wager one pound you would receive a return of two pounds; doubling your money.

This might not seem exciting, but you can roll up these winnings into a second evens bet; turning £2 into £4. With several of these bets rolled into another they can soon grow into tens and even hundreds of pounds. You can even withdraw your initial stake back after a couple of wins, and then you are just betting with the bookmaker’s money. Check out Freebet Up, which lists free bets, bonus codes, and more. It shows you take advantage of the 10bet Welcome Offer with a deposit of £15 or more, so you can have your deposit doubled up to a maximum of £50. Then you can wager with a bookmaker’s money from the start!

Research A Little and Profit a Lot

A little research goes a long way when you are betting on football, and it is easier than ever to do. There are a number of websites and smartphone apps that provide a huge amount of data on football, for free.

It is often hard to know what you are looking for, but if you stick to some simple rules you will be able to find bets that will give you positive results. An in-form home team, with a decent goal scoring record, will nearly always score a goal at home, for instance. When the title leaders are facing a team in the relegation zone, goals are all but guaranteed from either side, so a bet on two or more goals in the game seems a solid gamble. The odds on each individual bet may be low, but they will quickly accumulate.