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When Football is known as a game of passion and desire, there are some players who overdo it and gets penalized for shoving the opposition players. When there are players like Pepe and Joey Barton who loses their cool every now and then, some SAINT Players exists as well who always play within the rules and make history. Sadly for some, Lionel Messi is not in the list as the Argentine Footballer has received 1 Red Card during his playing time. So here are our top 10 Players who never received a red card in their entire footballing career.

Here is our list of Top 10 players selected.

10. Gary Lineker


One of the all-time great English Footballers, this legendary Striker has this unique record of not been booked for once during his entire career. Let alone Red Cards, the current Match of the Day Broadcaster for BBC didn’t even received a single yellow card in his 15 year long career. So he is a perfect role model for Young Players who aspire to play this beautiful game while staying within the rules

9.  Xavi


Currently playing for a Qatari side, Xavi is one of the best midfielders of our generation. Apart from his ability to score goals and create unbelievable passes to his team mates, Xavi is yet to receive a single Red Card in his illustrious career. Even though he does play in the Midfield where rash tackles becomes necessity sometimes, but even that doesn’t force Xavi to get in trouble with the referee.

8. Damien Duff


Talking about Midfielders, Damien Duff is a veteran in this particular field. Even though he spent most of his career playing for physical teams like Blackburn and Fulham, but Duff was never ejected from the field. When his work rate was exceptional, his discipline was even better. So after spending 18 long years in top flight without a single Red Card, Duff lies on number 3 of our list.

7. Ryan Giggs


Participated in every Premier League campaign from 1990 to 2014, Ryan Giggs is one of the most successful players in the English Premier League era. And even though his looks were a bit tough and nervy, but Ryan Giggs is another player who hasn’t received a Red Card in his entire career.

6. Luke Young

If you are a full back, you are always vulnerable to being penalized for your tackles. But Luke Young isn’t one of them. Even though he spent most of his career with teams who were fighting to avoid relegation, Young was always one feet away from a Red Card.


5. Shay Given


Currently playing for Stoke City, this Irish Goalie was decent enough to save himself from getting evicted of a football match. He holds the record of playing for more than 39000 minutes without a single Red Card.


4. Edwin Van Der Saar

Another Goal-Keeper but with much higher credentials, Edwin Van Der Saar was one of the best Dutch Players who graced English Premier League. And when he was saving goals and winning matches for the Red Devils, his discipline was exceptional. He playing more than 27000 minutes for Manchester United, and didn’t received a single red card in that time.



3. Michael Carrick

The MR dependable of Manchester United, Michael Carrick has this uncanny ability to boss the Midfield no matter who the opposition is. And he is another player who is yet to receive a Red Card in all those times.



2. Phillip Lahm


Currently the best right back in this entire world, Phillip Lahm is that historical figure whose tackles and lunges never got him into trouble. When there are defenders who have created history of getting red cards, this life long Bayern Munich servany is yet to receive a Red Card in his playing time.

1. Raul


Imagine playing for Real Madrid, against Barcelona, in an El Clasico, where victory is everything and no one remembers the loser, some players can cross every limit to succeed when stake is so high. But Raul Gonzales isn’t one of them. When his desire and ability to score goals on consistent basis was unmatched, Raul was decent enough to avoid Referee’s notebook at all cost. Even after playing in so many big matches like El Classico, UEFA Champions League Final and Copa Del Rey Finale, Raul never received a single Red Card in all those times.