horse race betting vs football betting

Is there a difference in horse race betting vs football betting?

Betting of any form is a way to increase money and have fun, however, the question on many lips is what type of betting will bring more gain to gamblers.

There are two popular bet types people indulge in; we have horse race betting vs football betting

Horse betting involves betting on horses ranging from 5 to 10, the aim of this type of bet involves who will win, which two horses will win and which three things will win.

In horse race, you don’t really need to know much about horses before you can place the bet, however you must know which horse has a high chance of winning.

It is a very popular kind of bet in the western world.

Some of the options available in horse racing include a quinella, trio, and trifecta.

Soccer betting is the most popular kind of betting available now. It involves staking your wager on different teams to win, lose or draw.

There are more betting options available in soccer betting than any other sport betting around.

Such options include but not limited to handicap, over goals, home and away to win, 10 minutes draw, etc.

Now the question is, are there any particular difference between horse race betting and soccer betting? Well, yes, there are both similarities and differences between the two.

The Major Differences Between Horse Race Betting and Football Betting

  1. Odds calculation: An important difference to note between both sports is how the odds determined are calculated. In horse race betting, odds calculation is made in relation with the number of bettors that stake on a particular horse. What this means is that all gamblers on horse bet are going against one another for the same amount of money invested by all.

However, in soccer betting, the betting company set a specific odd, irrespective of the number of individuals who bet on certain teams and games.

In a nutshell, horse bettors compete for money which is generated by everybody who bets on a particular horse race, while in soccer betting, such restriction is not available, you bet on particular odds.

  • The Dilemma of betting on an animal or human: Another crucial difference is what is considered when you stake on an animal or human. It is easier of course for bettors to place their trust on Arsenal or Juventus to win a game than to place their stake on a horse. Can a horse be trusted? Do horses have the will to persevere? At least you know that with humans, there is always the will to succeed and outshine others, can a horse replicate that? Reasons, why a horse and human win or lose, is different. A horse will lose due to the following reasons:
  • If it doesn’t start well
  • If there are impediments in his fronts
  • If it starts to gallop in a trotting race

However in soccer betting, it doesn’t seem so, a team may lose due to the following reasons:

  • Loss of form
  • Change in coaches
  • Injuries to key players
  • Low motivation
  • Red card/suspensions


The Core Similarities Between Horse Race Betting and Football Betting


Either you bet on horse racing or soccer, some factors are uniquely common to them:

  1. The condition of the weather: Whether a team wins or loses or a horse wins or loses can be due to weather concerns. The weather affects both sports positively and negatively. Horses thrive on warm and clear weather, therefore if a horse race is picked in extreme weather times then expect the unexpected. Also, note that football teams perform better when they have favorable weather conditions. This is why the world cup in Qatar 2022 will be played at the time of the year when the weather is conducive
  2. Statistics play a huge role in both sports: It will benefit a wise bettor to consider the statistics of its preferred candidate in both sports in other to make a huge win. Statistics are universal and apply to all sports; therefore if a horse has been winning for a long time, then it is highly probable that it also will win the next time. The same applies to soccer. You need to check their past matches to determine which teams or horses have been winning because the repeat is constant.
  3. Match Fixing: While match-fixing should be discouraged and frowned upon, there is no gainsaying that this menace is present in both betting types. Both horse racing and soccer betting have been infected with match-fixing scandals. A winning horse may be drugged to reduce the chances of winning while a soccer team can also be fixed by inducement to the match officials, players or both.
  4. Platforms played: Both bets both have their real-life versions and the virtual versions. You can bet on real horses and watch life how they perform, you can also bet on virtual horse racing, where computations are made on horses to win or lose respectively. It is advisable to choose carefully the platform that will favor you and not be ensnared by easy money. Research and strategize.

On a final note, betting on both types of bets have the same risks and gains. It is, therefore, wise to look critically at which the one you will want to wager on before making your bet.


Horse race betting vs football betting? The option is your because it is clear that whatever decision made will have either the best or worse consequence.