How Can Pennsylvania Compete With New Jersey’s Online Gambling Market?

The US casino and sports betting market vary depending on the state. Some states like Georgia are still debating on whether these activities should be legal or not, whereas in New Jersey both betting and online gambling are legal. Pennsylvania on the other hand legalized online gambling and sports betting in mid-2019. As a result, it’s still lagging behind revenue-wise compared to other gambling markets in the US. So, let’s see what they can do in order to compete.  

Eliminate Boundaries between Sports Betting and Online Casinos

New Jersey is a good example of just how much revenue separately sports betting and online casinos can generate. They launched the first online gambling parlor back in 2013 and added sportsbook business later on. Today there are around 13 legal sites for wagering and on top of that, some of the major operators maintain their presence in New Jersey.

Given how both of the activities have been legalized in Pennsylvania at approximately the same time there is a way for them to maximize their profit. If they were to allow for both casino games and sports wagering to be unified in a single platform they will be able to generate significantly more revenue. Currently, some of the PA online gambling platforms do offer both options, along with lottery. Meaning, there are a few sites in Pennsylvania where you get to enjoy content and bonuses for both sides of gambling.

Make Market More Competitive

Another factor that is important for driving user engagement is competition. Having more operators available in the same state will make them compete for the users, which increases content quality and user incentives. Once again if you look at online casinos presented at LuckyNJ website you will see that they have different welcome offers and promotions. Meaning, there are more new and exciting things for users to try out, and that all translates to increased activity on those sites. Not only that but also users are likely to play games using multiple operators. 

More Payment Options 

In order to allow for more people to play on a platform, there needs to be a variety of payment options. Most of the reputable operators are already able to accommodate standard methods like credit and debit cards, as well as some popular e-wallet options. However, the latest trend is definitely crypto payments which are a safe and secure way to transact online. 

Moreover, the users opt for this method when they wish to stay anonymous, as payments are not subject to the same due diligence. Of course, these options are still not fully legalized which is why only a limited number of platforms allow them. Still, enabling online casinos in Pennsylvania to do business in bitcoin would definitely result in higher traffic on gambling sites. 

More Game Developers 

This is a relatively new market and there is still room for creative expression. In general, users are excited to try out new games with different twists and unique bonus rounds. So, there needs to be an incentive for companies to innovate in terms of game design, in order for casinos to have more attractive offers. Right now, there are lots of arcade-like slot machines that younger generations find attractive. 


All of this just shows that Pennsylvania can easily catch up to New Jersey even if they did not start at the same time. The whole thing is still fresh there and users are excited to check out all of the available options. Moreover, it came at the relatively same time as the pandemic and lockdowns, so there was high demand for this type of entertainment during the quarantine. 


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