Professional horse race betting has always been a popular sport for many people, and due to the fact of its ever gaining popularity, new people are coming into the spectrum. However, with a massive inflow of people betting on the races and the significant amount of money involved, horse race betting has become a highly structured and organized event which needs a lot of time and effort for anyone to master. Horse Racing Tipsters realized the problems that newcomers and seasoned veterans face while betting and tries to give a guideline regarding what the best possible approach is towards this sport.

With thousands of races happening all across the United Kingdom over the summer, an individual can’t follow each and every one of them, let alone have the time to analyse all of them. The best way to approach a betting season is by segregating the market and focusing on a set of races that you are familiar with. Following these races closely and analysing them will be a lot easier, and will lead you to have a well-informed opinion, leading to better odds of betting on the right horse in the right race. Maintain a list of data regarding these races and how each horse and rider performed in each race and under what conditions, this information will make or break your betting season.

The English summer is unpredictable, and you need to account for this when you are placing your bets. If the weather changes, the best option is to exercise patience and re-evaluate your choices, rather than betting pre-emptively. A bet made on the assumption of the horses racing on firm ground, when in actuality, due to rains, the horses are racing on soft ground, will significantly affect the results. Similarly, also take into account the horses and riders, and what traits define them. If a race has two horses and riders that start of really well, they would be giving a hard time to each other, which could open up the gates for a hold-up horse to win the race. The more races you follow, the better your understanding of riders’ preferences and horses.

The draw and which horse will race at which track also is a major influencing factor when races occur. Some racecourses have strips of track that are faster than the others. This greatly influences the results of the race as horses who are drawn on these favourable racing strips tend to have an advantage, which ultimately leads them to win. Analysing racecourses is another big part of betting that most people overlook and it is a crucial mistake which needs to be addressed.

Maintaining a database of all the races, and also all the bets that you have placed on races throughout the season is necessary. Analyse which bets were profitable, who was the horse, what were the conditions and what odds were offered. This data over a period of time adds to your knowledge and ultimately leads to big winnings.

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