How to Play Baba Ijebu Online and Win

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In this article, we’ll be going into details of these two methods of gambling on Baba Ijebu, as well as how to register online, how to play, and how to deposit and withdraw your wins. So, whether you stick to physical agents or venture into the world of online gaming with Mostbet 90, we’ve got you covered!

Most persons who play games of chance would consider themselves to have “good luck” that helps them to predict and win games.

If you’re one of them, then you must have come across the name Baba Ijebu.

You might already play it as it is available in almost every street corner especially in the southwestern region of the country with up to 16000 retail gaming shops and over 200 principal agents overseeing these shops.

They can be easily identified by their signature red terminals and logo.

This is for those who still prefer the service of physical agents, but for convenience Baba Ijebu has since created an online version for both internet users and a simplified USSD version for persons without internet access.

We’ll be going into details of these two methods of gambling on Baba Ijebu as well as how to register online, how to play, how to deposit and withdraw your wins.

Brief History: Origin and Founder

Baba Ijebu is arguably one of the most popular and oldest forms of lotto/gambling platform in Nigeria. Going as far back as the late 1990s, Baba Ijebu was officially licensed under the Lagos State Lottery Board in 2001 under the umbrella of Premier lotto and it boasts of over 200,000 registered subscribers. This however does not include its large offline customer base, as millions of people across the country patronise its lotto and betting services majorly because of its availability and affordability. One can place stakes for as low as N50.

Baba Ijebu is owned by the legendary Sir Kensington Adebukunola Adebutu who is an indigene of Ikenne Ogun State and was born on October 24 1935.

Sir Adebutu after completing his secondary school education in 1954 went on to work for Cables and Wireless Ltd which later became Nigel, he also worked as a sales manager and regional supervisor at Claffin Chemical Ltd before deciding to start up his own business. He opened a pool business from a small shop in Lagos named Face to Face Million Dollar Pools Limited which later grew into a mega-franchise which we now know today as the popular Baba Ijebu lotto.

How to Play Baba Ijebu Online

There’s are three ways you can play Baba Ijebu online- through website and app for users with internet-enabled devices and via USSD for those without access to the internet.

  • To get started, first visit and click on lotto
  • You’ll be directed to the login page, you can then put in your email and username to log into your existing account or you can click on register to create a new account
  • Fund your wallet by depositing money into your Baba Ijebu account. This can be done via Flutterwave, bank transfer, QuickTeller etc
  • Now that your account is active, it’s time for your to play. Choose a game you want to play e.g Perm or Nap2
  • Go ahead and select any numbers between 1 and 90. Make use of the arrow icon to add the numbers to your slip
  • Enter the amount you wish to stake on the game
  • Click on “Place bet”
  • To confirm that your bet has been placed successfully, a ticket will be generated for your immediately
  • Then sit back, and wait patiently for the results to be published

Playing Baba Ijebu through the Apps

For a better-optimized platform, you can also download the Baba Ijebu App which is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can download the app using the link on the website.

There is no separate procedure for playing on the app, it is the same as playing on the website. Just download the app, register, fund your wallet and start playing! It’s that’s simple.

How to Play Baba Ijebu Via USSD

You can now play Baba ijebu without your smartphone. All you need is your phone number and make sure it’s registered on the accepted network.

This option is only available on MTN and AIRTEL networks.

  • First, you dial *755# from your phone
  • Verify that you are up to18 years of age and above
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • A new interface will open where you can start playing the game
  • Make sure you have at least 50 worth of Airtime on your phone to enable you to place bets

How to Register on Baba Ijebu Website

Opening an online account on the Baba Ijebu website is very easy and quick

  • Click on “Register”
  • Enter your preferred Username, Email address, and password
  • Confirm your password
  • Indicate if you were referred by a friend by ticking the Yes/No box
  • Tick the next box to agree to the terms and conditions and to affirm that you are above 18
  • Click on “Register” and voila! You have successfully registered your account.

How to deposit money on Baba Ijebu

There are several payment options available to deposit money into your account. But we’ll focus on two ways: cash deposit and card deposit.

Cash Deposit

  • Log into your Baba Ijebu account
  • Click on the “Cash” option at the top right corner of your screen
  • Select your banking Institution
  • Select your preferred bank from the list displayed
  • Copy out the account details provided
  • Go to your nearest bank branch and pick a deposit slip. Fill out the information on the Baba Ijebu site
  • The description/ narration on the deposit slip must be your username
  • Hand over the deposit slip to the teller, ensure that the payment is processed immediately, then mail the receipt of the payment and your username to [email protected] for confirmation.
  • As soon as your payment is confirmed your wallet will instantly be funded

Card Deposit

  • Log in to www.
  • At the top of the screen, you’ll see the “Card” option. Click on it
  • Enter the amount your want to deposit into your wallet
  • Enter your promotional code, if you don’t have one then proceed to payment
  • You’ll be taken to the payment gateway page, here you have to fill in your card details including your card number, expiry date, and card holder’s name
  • Click on “Next” to fill in your CVV number i.e the three numbers at the back of your card
  • Click on “Next” again and wait for a few seconds to get your OTP
  • Fill in your one-time password (OTP) then click on submit.
  • Congratulations you have successfully funded your account

How to Withdraw your winnings on Baba Ijebu Via Cash Wallet and Card Wallet

Withdrawing Using the Cash Wallet

It usually takes 24 hours after the request for withdrawals into the cash wallet to reflect. You can follow these simple steps to request payment

  1. Login to your Baba Ijebu account
  2. Look for the “Cash Wallet” option and click on it
  3. A drop-down menu will appear. Click on “Withdraw”
  4. Enter your account name correctly
  5. Enter your account number
  6. Select your bank and click on “withdraw”

Withdrawal Using Card Wallet

Withdrawing from your card wallet will be processed within 4-5 working days. You can follow this simple process to request payment.

  1. Login to your Baba Ijebu account
  2. Click on the “Card Wallet” tab
  3. A drop-down menu will appear. Click on “Withdraw”
  4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  5. Finally, click on “Withdraw” and wait for your payment to be processed

Games you can play on the Baba Ijebu Website

  1. Baba Ijebu lotto
  1. Fixtures
  1. Live Betting
  1. Virtual

Baba Ijebu lotto

There are different methods of playing Baba Ijebu lotto. There’s permutation, 2Sure 3 Direct, 4 Direct, 5 Direct. All of these require you to pick random numbers between 1 and 90. And for each game, 5 winning numbers are published.


Permutation otherwise referred to as Perm is about the easiest option. Using this method, you can combine up to 10 numbers and if at least two of those numbers are part of the 5 winning numbers, you get paid. Although this method does not assure huge wins, most people who play Perm do so to recover their losses from other failed high combinations.

2Sure (Nap2)

This is the most popular method of playing Baba Ijebu because you stand a higher chance of winning bigger with reduced risks. The winnings are calculated as 240×stake (minimum of N100), so the least amount you can win on Nap2 is N24,000. But the two numbers you chose must be among the 5 winning numbers to be published. If it’s just one number that appears, you won’t get paid.

3 Direct (Nap3)

To play Nap3, just like the rest your get to choose 3 random numbers between 1-90 with a minimum stake of N100. The winnings for Nap3 are calculated as 2,100×100 this means that the least amount you can win on this came is N210,000

4 Direct (Nap4)

To play Nap4 you need to predict correctly 4 out of the 5 winning numbers. With a minimum stake of N200, you can cash out N1.2 million. Your stake is multiplied by N6,000.

5 Direct (Nap5)

This is the least played on Baba Ijebu because there is a slim chance of winning. To play Nap5 you have to correctly predict the 5 winning numbers to be published. With at least N100 you can become a multi-millionaire. Your winnings are calculated as 44,000×stake.

Baba Ijebu Fixtures

Aside from its lotto services Baba Ijebu also offers sports betting services. Although their sports category is limited to a few of the major ones like football, basketball, rugby, tennis, handball and volleyball.

Football of course is more popular on the site and they cover many major leagues like the English Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, UEFA competition, Serie A, Nigerian Premier League and CAF completions

Baba Ijebu Live Betting

Live betting on the Baba Ijebu site is super easy, just click on the “live betting” tab at the top of the page to start placing your bets. Football is the dominant game but you can still place bets on live basketball and volleyball games.

Baba Ijebu Virtual

There’s a section for virtual sports on the Baba Ijebu site. So even when there are no ongoing games or competitions, you can place bets and cash out from the virtual sports which typically last for a few minutes. You can bet on virtual football, dog racing, horse racing and lucky balls.

In conclusion…

The Baba Ijebu company has proven itself as a tested and trusted bookmaker in the gaming industry. Starting from its simple and easy lotto services and expanding to accommodate modern forms of sports betting, it boasts of 93% odds payout. So you can rest assured that your wins will be paid in full. What’s more, you also get up to a 100% welcome bonus on your first deposit, up to N1,000. Visit to claim your bonus and start playing today!


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