How Will the Year Delay Affect Teams at Euro 2020?

Back in March, as the Covid-19 pandemic spread around the world, UEFA made the decision to postpone the 2020 European Championships.

The tournament will now take place in the summer of 2021, with games and dates remaining exactly the same, just moving forward by one day.

While it doesn’t seem like a long time, a year is a very long time in football and the change in dates will have a direct impact on the competition, when it does eventually take place.

But who will it favour and who will be at a disadvantage because of the move?

The Winners and Losers from the Euro 2020 Date Change

The reason why some teams will win or lose here is all down to the makeup of their team, and what they have done in recent years.

In terms of the winners, you want to be looking for teams that are young and still improving. These teams get the added benefit of another year playing together at international level, while also seeing their players get another year of domestic football under their belts.

Teams like England will really benefit from this, the 2022 World Cup was their man target, having this competition in 2021 pushes it closer to that and when the management team believe they will be at their peak.

Germany are undergoing a big overhaul with new players coming in to replace older veterans who are retiring from international football. Another year together will only help bring them forward too.

It is these teams that people with betting account offers should be targeting for their Euro 2020 bets, especially those that were already fancied for 2020, and should be even better in 2021, like England.

When it comes to the teams who are losers, look for established teams who have everything geared towards winning now, and also teams that have had recent success.

Two that stick out here are Portugal and France. The Portuguese team won the Nations League final in 2019, a perfect win and preparation for Euro 2020. However, the gap between that and the new Euro 2020 dates is almost two years, all momentum has been lost.

A number of the Portuguese players are coming towards the end of their career, including Cristiano Ronaldo, who leads the team, so the longer gap does not help them in terms of their squad age too.

France entered a golden period in 2016, when they were supposed to win Euro 2016 in their home country. They didn’t but made amends when winning the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The Euro 2020 competition was their next target, but that has been pushed back a year and doesn’t help them.

France may not be ageing like Portugal, but their opponents will gain more from the additional year to prepare than France will, a team already prepared and ready to win. Whether you follow football tips or look for selections yourself, moving the European Championships back a year is going to help and hinder some teams.

All eyes on what should be a fascinating summer of football in 2021.