In-Play Football Betting Strategy: The Definitive Guide 2023

Probably you are new to the betting industry or you might have been on the ride for a while now and you often hear your favorite punter or sports betting mentor talk online about in-play matches and now you want to know what it means and also give a shot at it right?

In this short article, you will learn all you need to know about in-play betting strategy and how to apply it.

Below is a table of content to travel you around this article to any preferred section you want to know about, but I urge you to go through the whole sections from A-Z.

Trust me you are gonna love the ride.

What You Will Learn

  1. What is In-Play Betting?
  2. How Do I Bet In-Play On Football?
  3. Disadvantages of In-play
  4. ADVANTAGES | why should you bet in-play on football?
  5. When is the Best Time to Bet In-Play on Football?
  6. In-Play Football Strategies to Consider
  7. Conclusion


Okay, let’s get down to business


What is In-Play Betting?

In-play betting is closely similar to pre-match betting, the only difference is that in-play betting is being played while a sports event is ongoing or after kick-off while regular pre-match betting must be bet upon before the match starts.

Unlike regular sports betting that you have to make your selections and place your bet right before the match starts, in the case of in-play betting it is done while the match is ongoing.

The in-play betting strategy can be bet on when a match or a sports event has just begun or is ongoing, it’s also known globally as live betting which means you can only bet while the match ongoing.

Although it has its advantages and disadvantages but doesn’t rush, everything will be explained to you as you keep following the article but for now, keep close focus and let’s work on how we can get involved in In-play betting on Football.


How Do I Bet In-Play On Football?

The in-play betting strategy can be applied in different sports events such as cricket, basketball, ice hockey, and many other sports events, but let’s talk about how you can play it in football games.

In football betting, there are different options that favor your predictions as you already analyze and study team and player statistics.

It is best advised to watch and analyze the match calmly, and pay attention to the teams and player strengths before deciding on placing a bet.

Let me give an instance,  now let’s say the two teams playing against each other are both strong and this makes it challenging for you to come up with a clearer picture of what’s going to be the predetermined outcome, you can leave that to in-play, wait till kick-off and then watch the team with the higher probability of winning and then you can go on live betting and bet on them.

Now, this is where it gets twisted, and this is where the advantage and the disadvantage come in


Disadvantages of In-play

Now that you have gotten a clearer picture of the match and where it is heading.

This is where things get tricky, You may be thinking, WHY?

Well, there are a few factors attached, as you are smart enough to see the team that is overpowering the sport betting platforms are smart as well but with Betensured you have nothing to be afraid of and realistic sport betting predictions is assured.

A few of these disadvantages may be tied to the unavailable market for in-play.


What do we mean by the unavailable market?


During the match, it is normal for odds to vanish from the platform, it comes up like the odds are locked leaving you idle, this is because the sports betting data companies offer betting solutions powered by AI algorithms which is a math formula arranging and evaluating data to answer complicated questions. Sports algorithms use relevant data such as team or player statistics to predict sports event outcomes, during this short period of time, you may not be able to place an in-play betting. Don’t be worried it does not take forever, just give it a few seconds, and the odds are back again.

Secondly, another reason for disappearing odds, let’s say two teams are playing and the home team is leading 1-0 against the away team around 80/90mins, note that in-play betting may not be available for home but the away will surely have it and the odds are usually higher during this stage, this is because there may be no chance for the away team to equalize and win the match, at the time you may be lucky and you win but it isn’t common as you may think so be careful while you make your choice

Another disadvantage of In-play is that it is not assured, absolutely yes, you may bet on a winning team during the first half of a football match and in the second half things take turns and before you know you lose your bet.

Now that you have learned about some of the disadvantages of an In-play betting strategy, it is a good time to move on to the advantages


Advantages:  Why should you bet in-play on football?

While In-play betting has its bad side, it still has its good side. In fact, In-play betting is among the safest betting strategies to stack your winning if you know your way around it.

One of the ways is getting valuable odds because, during the match, odds are often reduced if a team is performing better than the other or has more potential to win the match

Getting valuable odds does not only go a long way while betting on live betting/in-play, but it also helps accumulate greater odds to be won and you know, the more your accumulated odds the bigger you are likely to win.

Betensured offers great markets for their users, some of the benefits you will enjoy using Betensured for your in-play betting are getting accurate football predictions on every market available, and daily predictions on all matches provided, Isn’t that great?


When is the Best Time to Bet In-Play on Football?

You should know that betting works with time, as time counts down or counts close to the ending time odds often get reduced or increased, the best time to play In-play betting is as early as you can but do make sure you are sure of your decisions before making it


In-Play Football Strategies to Consider


For in-play betting, here are few tips that you can choose

Straight winning  “home’’ or “away” to win (i.e, 1 x 2) – This means either the home which is labeled 1 or the away which is labeled 2 should win the match

Double Chance — You can choose the double chance option often known as the 1X or 2X, this means the home should either win the match or end up with a tie or the away team should win the match or end up with a tie.

Handicaps — What this means is giving either of the team (i.e, home or away) some given amount of goals ahead of the match, in this scenario, if for instance a team is given handicap 1 against the other, it is cool for the team to end the game in a draw and the handicap will act as an added extra goal favoring the given team to win the game by a goal ahead. If the given team was beaten by a goal, this will make the score 1-1 which is obviously a tie and it won’t count as a win in your bet.

Betensured also offers predictions not excluding straight winnings, double chance, chance mix, under 2.5 goals, GG, and over 2.5, and many more


Why Betensured is the best betting site for in-play prediction?

The sports betting industry is one of the biggest industries to make wealth overnight. Simultaneously, it can be fascinating and frustrating especially when a sports event’s outcomes go against your predictions.

Betensured brings back to life all your dreams and hopes, this website offers free and accurate football predictions and sports betting tips to its users.


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