Investigating Online Casino Security

Whether we shop, play or simply communicate online it is important that our information is safe. Generally, speaking online platforms do take this topic seriously, and want to make their sites as safe as possible. That being said, if you wish to stay extra vigilant it’s definitely a good thing, because we are frequently advised to change our passwords, and add two-way authentication to important accounts.

We also use sites to make payments or receive money, as a result, we should be extra careful where we leave our payment information. Casinos are a perfect example, and if you wish to investigate online casino security before you make an account you definitely have the right mindset. So, let’s see how to evaluate the safety measures on these sites.

Only Play on Regulated Platforms

One way to ensure you are safe is to play with regulated domestic operators. Of course, if your state doesn’t have online gambling sites you can always play on a foreign platform, but once again, make sure they are licensed and regulated. When companies comply with these regulations they tend to have more secure sites, and they also need to make sure that users are protected.

In New Jersey, gambling operators have received a lot of criticisms from regulators for aggressive advertising. It only shows that these institutions are there to primarily protect the players and to ensure that sites comply with the regulations. You can play on the best NJ online casinos, knowing that they are a safe choice. Meaning, don’t think that operators are bad because they get slammed by regulators, it only means everyone is doing their job, and that security is on a higher level.

Responsive Customer Support

Another good sign of a safe site is its support team. Whenever an issue occurs players need to contact customer support, if the operator is genuine they will work quickly on resolving these issues. In Michigan, it’s actually a requirement for customer support to be available in real-time. You can check the sites for online gambling in Michigan and you will notice that all of them have a live chat feature. So, before you create an account and share your personal info, contact customer support and ask them a few regular questions to see how quickly they respond.

Fair Play Certificate

Online casinos also get audited by independent auditors. They are there to ensure the games available actually follow the fair play guidelines. Meaning, they need to check that games are in fact RNG based and that casinos cannot manipulate the outcome of a spin. Whenever a casino passes this audit they tend to display this certificate or stamp of approval on their website. All you need to do is scroll down and see if some of these certificates are displayed in the footer of the site. 

Check User Reviews

Users tend to be really vocal when it comes to a negative experience, especially if they are scammed. These negative reviews are easy to find, and disputes with casinos and players tend to make the news in some cases. Of course, it doesn’t always mean that the user has been wronged, and sometimes it will be up to the court to decide. However, if you see multiple reviews that are clear red flags for an online gambling site, just avoid that operator and find another one.


These are some of the most meaningful steps that you can take to eliminate the possibility of being scammed. In other words, if some of the are available in your hometown, then play on those sites, they tend to be the safest. If not, and you are unsure about the sites available to you, just follow the instructions provided in the text above.


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