Irish Individuals Embrace Sports to Raise Over €2 Million for COVID-19 Causes

Self-isolation, social distancing, and quarantine are keeping us physically apart. However, this hasn’t stopped the Irish from coming together (figuratively) to support various causes in the last few months. In fact, research by OBLG found that sports fundraising campaigns have raised over €2 Million between March and May of 2020.

From the data, we can see that 62% of campaigns were running during this duration for causes related to COVID-19. These campaigns aimed to raise €1.3 Million. But by the end of their campaign, they managed to exceed their goals by 52%, reaching over €2 Million.

The study also shows that 65% of these campaigns related to sports. In other words, sports societies, teams, and clubs organized these campaigns.

Richard Moffat, CEO of, commented on this data. He said that as COVID-19 has put a stop to all traditionally organized charity events related to sports. However, people really came together to support those who are working on the front lines of the pandemic. Although these hard times physically push us farther from sports, these sports have a way to pull us back.

How People Got Involved

Running and walking has been the most popular activity, which made up to 76% of exercise focusing on fundraising campaigns. 9% of those fundraising activities were the combination of cycling and running. In the study, we found that fundraises covered over 225,000km. Each kilometer that they covered raised €6.37.

Among those fundraisers was Kathleen, who is 90 years old and raised more than€18,000 for the cause. She raised that amount by dancing in the front garden. Furthermore, we saw Michel who did 1,000 pushups in just an hour and raised €17,850

Exceeding the Goal

The combined goal of these fundraising campaigns was €2.7 Million in the study. But the final raised mount exceeded the goal by 70%, hitting more than €4.5 Million. Here are some facts about this Irish fundraising activates:

  • Even during the height of COVID-19 restrictions, Irish individuals raised €4.5 Million
  • From the total fundraising, 62% was for the COVID-19 cause
  • 65% of the fundraisers included exercise and sports activities
  • Fundraisers covered 225,000 km of distance
  • Every kilometer they covered raised €6.37
  • In total, the target of fundraising was smashed by 70%

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