Is Paddy’s Wonder Wheel worth a spin?

At online casino sites there are many promotions, offers and bonuses up for grabs that can each help boost your gameplay. Whether you’ve bagged yourself some free spins in the past, or even had cash added to your deposit to play with, we’re sure you’ll have come across some sort of promotion, somewhere along the line. 

But this particular promotion is unlike any others, as with one free spin each day, Paddy Power’s Wonder Wheel has the potential to bag you even more bonuses and prizes! 

How it works

When you log into your Paddy Power account and click on the Wonder Wheel promotion, you’ll be greeted with a giant green, black, white and yellow wheel. By hitting the spin button, the inner segment of the wheel will spin. This determines your next move – another spin of the middle symbol or your turn ending. The main wheel is made up of three segments, and on each of these is an array of prizes that can be won from a single spin. If you’re successful in spinning both the inner wheel and middle wheel without the game ending, the outer wheel will spin, potentially bagging you a prize! It will then continue to spin through all three segments until either you get a thumbs down symbol or you win a prize, which can happen at any point as any of the wheel segments spin.

What’s up for grabs?

Some of the wonderful prizes up for grabs when you spin the wheel include: 

  • Prizes worth up to 100 coins – prizes include one coin and two-coin bonuses, as well as 100 coins to play with.
  • Free spins – landing on a prize symbol that grants you free spins could see you with five, or even 10 gratis turns on certain games within the online casino.
  • Scratchcards – you could win a scratchcard that allows you to play either Ruby Walsh 1k, Footy Frenzy 1k or Fishin’ Frenzy 1k for free.

So, is it worth a spin?

Just like any casino bonus or promotion, it’s important that you read the terms and conditions to make sure you can meet all the wagering requirements. You should bear in mind that certain prizes that can be claimed from Paddy’s Wonder Wheel do have some requirements. For example, the bonus might be for a small wager in order to claim. The free spin prizes are also limited to certain slot games that you’ll be advised of should you win. If you’re uninterested in the games that you can claim the bonuses on, then there’s really no point in giving it a spin, but as far as a free promotion goes, we’d recommend always giving it a go. 

You never know if you’re going to stumble upon your next favourite game or bag more bonuses or prizes along the way. And if you don’t win on the first spin, then the wheel refreshes at midnight with another free go, so you can always try again the next day! 


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