Is the Europa League the Most Interesting European Football Competition?

The Europa League is the second tier club competition in Europe. As the second tier competition, it does not have the same prestige attached to it as the Champions League, which is widely regarded as the best club competition in the world.

But does the Europa League offer things that make it fascinating, and actually the most interesting football competition to bet on?

There are many factors to think about when wagering on football. If you are betting on ante post markets, then there is even more to think about. However, when it comes to betting on Europa League football, some of these are complete unknowns until later in the year, all due to how the competition works.

What Factors Make the Europa League Unique?

The first and most obvious factor is that teams can move from the Champions League into the Europa League after the group stage of both competitions has been placed.

We have a list of teams who have qualified for the Europa League group stage, including big clubs such as Arsenal and Tottenham from England. We also know the qualification teams, who are trying to get into the group stages, these are usually smaller clubs in the competition.

However, the teams who finish 3rd in the Champions League group stage will be added to the Europa League at a later date, we won’t know those until the group games have been played. These could be smaller teams, who won’t impact the Europa League too much, or they could be huge clubs, some of the biggest in Europe.

Add teams such as Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Juventus into the Europa League if they were to disappoint in the Champions League and they would instantly become tournament favourites.

This adds something completely different from a betting perspective too, whether you make your own selections or follow football betting tips, the Europa League format certainly makes it difficult.

The second factor that makes this competition unique is that many teams do not play their best eleven, giving players a rest ahead of their domestic fixtures at the weekend.

When you are comparing teams ahead of a game, you can usually compare their best eleven because this is who will play, assuming all players are fit and available.

However, with the Europa League that is not always the case. Many of the bigger clubs rest players and this is usually not known until the team news comes out. For those placing their bets before this happens, working out who may or may not play is another element you need to factor into your bets on this competition that you don’t elsewhere.

The Europa League gets quite a raw deal in terms of stature and the prestige attached to winning the competition. However, when it comes to betting, this competition offers a very unique challenge and for that reason, we believe it to be the most interesting European football competition,