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Right now, a number of Leagues seem done and dusted. The Ligue 1, the Serie A and (to some extent) the La Liga will be won by the teams currently sitting on top of their various League tables. Unless something dramatic happens. Things are not as clear in the Bundesliga and the English Premier League. The League where Liverpool sits joint top with the current Champions with a game in hand. The ever elusive Premier League that Liverpool has not won in 29 years. Yes, that trophy. It was looking a lot clearer just a couple of weeks ago. A loss to the current holders and recent consecutive draws to teams that they should have won has put the heat back on the Reds. The blue side of Manchester is waiting to take full advantage. The pressure is definitely on.

You see, winning a League is not easy. Winning a competitive League is a different kettle of fish. There has to be a high level of consistency in performances and results. Drawing games keeps one’s team unbeaten, but also leads to points dropped for your competition to take full advantage of. Just ask Liverpool. This time period in a League like the Premier League is quite gruelling as games come thick and fast, especially when a team is involved in two or more competitions.

Having a good squad of players is quite important as well. Having players that can come in from the bench and fit it seamlessly is of utmost importance. For a team like Liverpool who has suffered injuries (from Joe Gomez who had been exceptional in his new role as a centre-back earlier in the season to Trent Alexander-Arnold who only recently recovered), the replacements have not been as adequate as Klopp would have liked.

The front three for Liverpool have not been as good this season as they were last season and this has put a lot more pressure on the midfield to be more efficient and effective. Also, the likes of Daniel Sturridge, Adam Lallana and Divock Origi – asides the winner he scored in the Merseyside derby- have not really been helpful when called upon.

Liverpool also does not have a wealth of experience in winning a Premier League title. Asides James Milner and Daniel Sturridge (who played a peripheral part when Chelsea won the League in 2010), there is a high level of inexperience in winning a League like the Premier League. You do not even want to compare with the current Champions.

Liverpool has come close a number of times in recent memory – Brendan Rodgers and Rafael Benitez come to mind- but can Jurgen Klopp go one further and actually win the League and etch his name alongside the Kopite greats? Most Manchester United fans would not want that to happen. Why they would not is anyone’s guess. (I am fairly certain that we all know why).

Ironically, Liverpool’s next League game is against – you guessed it- Manchester United.

Winning the Premier League is never easy.

Winning it is never a sprint. It will never be.

Winning it is a marathon.

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