This season of the French championship turned out to be rather ambiguous. According to the information of the soccer prediction, it can be said that the upcoming campaign promises to be really interesting, but not in terms of the fight for the title.

The situation with the main favourite of the season in the Ligue 1 is pretty obvious. It is PSG, which is head and shoulders above all opponents. Thomas Tuchel’s players confidently won the latest campaign and it seems they are not going to stop there.


Indeed, there is simply no team in today’s French championship which can challenge the Parisians over a long tournament distance. Therefore, when making soccer predictions for confrontations with their participation, fans should take into account that this team has:

  1. Better lineup than direct competitors. This applies to almost any position on the field.
  2. Very strong players. Neymar, Mbappe, Di Maria — all of them are ready to decide an outcome of any confrontation alone, if the team game doesn’t work out for some reason.
  3. Experienced coach. Tuchel is a true fan of his craft. He pays close attention to tactical formations and always prepares something unusual for each opponent.

All this taken together is the reason why the team regularly turns out to be stronger than its rivals in the domestic arena. Its chances of becoming the favourite of the Champions League are also gradually increasing.

Ligue 1 table: latest changes

In the coming season, it will be much more interesting to see how other places in the Champions League zone will be distributed among French teams. For example, will Marcel succeed in performing decently on the domestic and international arenas? Despite its constant changes, the Ligue 1 table is always available for viewing on the sports statistics website.

Talking about other contenders for places in the Champions League zone, among them are Rennes, Lille, and Lyon. The season promises to be interesting in terms of the struggle for the top-3, therefore, teams that declare such a goal will have to do their best from the first round. Thanks to this, it will be even more interesting to follow the development of events in the tournament.

Fans can evaluate all changes in the table Ligue 1 on the sports statistics website at any time of the day. All data are available for via any device. The teams will have a busy season, in which there will be a variety of options for distribution of places in the standings. Fans will found out how fate of their favourite clubs will develop on the presented resource. And for this they will need to make just a couple of clicks.