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On Tuesday, the Champions League quarterfinals commenced, and “Borussia Dortmund” visited Manchester, playing against Guardiola’s team. “The Citizens” had chances to walk into the same water, but let’s start from the beginning.

”City” to go towards all the trophies

“Manchester City” is among the strongest world football team – that is the universal truth; meanwhile, every year, the English team has to fight against both competitors and fortune. This year is a perfect moment to win everywhere when other top European football clubs undergo various hurdles.

As for the national tournaments, the representatives of “blue Manchester” are crowding sale to the next Premier League title, having perfect chances to win two national cups. What about the UEFA Champions League? “City” has won the first lap against “Borussia,” but problems are still possible.

Flights Over the “Borussia’s” Nest

The English leading team started the game, taking the ball under their control; this is why the German footballers relied on counterattacks. The early goal scored at the 19th minute made “City” more relaxed. Guardiola’s team got the ability to show a case of power tripping. “Man City” fans purportedly bet on more goals on Betsofa, but football is always unexpected.

The representatives of the Foggy Albion were through with their star. Mahrez, Foden, and De Bruyne missed a bunch of perfect moments to score.

Rework in progress

During the second half, “Man City” was boa-like, pushing the opponents to their penalty area. Some more perfect moments could help the home team to make a decisive end in the duel. “Borussia” scored instead – in the very moment, the host team’s coach decided to make substitutions to defend 0:1.

The cooperation of Haaland-Reus forced Ederson to capitulate to the opponents’ attack. The scoreboard changed the null to 1. Such a situation was quite challenging for “Manchester City,” reminding the flashbacks from a game against “Lyon.” Guardiola’s team has everything, but always gentle enough to miss the chances.

Sport is full of comebacks and unexpected scenarios; this is why the football community was ready to welcome one more.

Foden to become the Manchester hero

In less than 10 minutes, the home team had to change the result, and Guardiola’s squad proved that even 6 minutes are enough for such talented and experienced players. The new hope of England, Phil Foden, finally set his sight correctly, hitting the opponent’s target. No chances for “Borussia’s” goalkeeper!

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