matched betting vs spread betting


There have been different ways of betting on football and various options bettors employ all to get past the bookmakers.

For punters, the major aim of betting is to make a profit besides getting some form of entertainment from their beloved sports.

It is, therefore, expected that they have to always find a way to get past bookmarkers in order to win wagers. Matched betting and Spread betting, although not common among young punters, offers an avenue to get some real safe risk bets.

What is matched betting?

Matched betting is actually a way of getting bets free, that betting outlets and bookies provide you with. You can use a technique to ensure that you make gain from these if you follow the laid down rules and don’t make an error when attempting this bet type. It sounds tedious but once you watch online video guides and educate yourself on this type of bet, you will enjoy it greatly. Actually, it is a special betting option that requires calculations in order to get very good offers.

Pros of Matched Betting

1. You will make many gains

In matched betting, you stand to make lots of profit and will rarely loose, unlike some other betting types. There is great profit to be made. However you need to stick to offers that are greatly rated on Profit Accumulator. What this basically means is that if you follow judiciously what the profit accumulator forecast, you are sure to make great profit and in no short time build up your bankroll from the recommended £70 – £150 that you should start with. Lots of punters have made money from matched betting through this way. Not that they don’t lose, however it is not up to their gains.

2. You don’t need a specific skill or knowledge to win big

Although most punters and gamblers alike categorize match betting as a high-risk option, it usually delivers. What makes it interesting is that you can start today and make big money today. It doesn’t take a special skill to make big money. You know from the beginning that you may put some money in, with a good chance of making a profit; however, it may not always pay off. It is advisable to save around 15-25% of your previous months profit solely for completing such offers.

3. There is a high chance to win huge without losing much

We have had testimonies of people who won over 10,000 dollars within a week of starting matched betting. This was off the back of an offer the winner completed thanks to matched betting. Although this is quite rare. I have also heard also know people that have matched bet for 1-2 years now and their biggest win is around £100 – £150. Of course, this is still a great sum of money but the chance of winning big is unlikely. Therefore all it takes is good analysis and a bit of luck.

This is due to the nature of matched betting. If you complete a matched betting offer that is rated as high-risk, which means you lose cash, you will daily set your free spin-stakes low to minimize your loss and increase your chance of winning big. What this implies is that your chance of a winning big is never going to be high. This is all about luck here. No high technique needed for a big win.

Cons of Matched Betting

1. It is very difficult for an average punter to understand it

 Unlike your regular betting options and markets, matched betting will require you to be patient and calculative to be successful. Most punters believe matched betting is too analytic for them and not straight forward like regular bets. Actually, it is right to a great extent, but some find it very easy, especially those who are very analytical.

2. It needs a bold personality to start it and make profit

This type of betting requires you to preserve and be brave to make lots of money. The reason behind this is simple, like most betting, you will lose before you win. If you have a timid mindset and personality, you might give up before you make money. Therefore most people are already discouraged before they hit the jackpot. However, for the strong-minded bettors, they find it very easy to learn and stake wisely believing with time, they will make huge profit.

What is Spread Betting?

Spread betting is a very old system of betting, though not every bookmaker offers this type of betting due to its complexity. This concept is based on how precise (or inaccurate) the staker{s} is on a number of predictions. The bookie sets a betting spread according to what he believes is the likely event that will pan out. It is now up to the wager to decide whether he/she thinks the actual event will be greater or lower than their predicted spread. Everything about spread betting is always calculated on a higher or lower agreement, this is why spread betting works really well for some particular gambling markets. The total number of goals scored in a particular match is a very interesting market that works with spread betting.

To further understand Football Spread Bet, for instance,

Barcelona FC vs. Levante Total Goals – Sell 2.8 | Buy 3.0

Buy at 3.0

If the result is 5 goals then you would win 2.0 multiply by your stake.

If the result is 2 goals then you would lose 1.5 multiply by your stake.

Sell at 2.8

If the result is 5 goals then you would lose 2.2 multiply by your stake.

If the result is 2 goals then you would win 0.9 multiply by your stake

Pros of Spread Betting

  1. Multiple Number of betting opportunities:

The total number of betting opportunities in this type of betting is of great advantage. Spread betting occurs majorly in most of the major sports, therefore, there are many markets which do not accommodate the normal traditional betting but which you apply to spread betting. Also, more betting opportunities will bring more chances of finding valuable stakes to place, so it is of great merit to the betting.

  •  Trading or closing out positions:

What this simply means is that arranging a stake before an event comes to a conclusion. This happens because spreads are usually during live matches, and there is usually an option to settle one’s stakes at any time based on the last spread. Therefore, if things are looks bright for you and your proposed wagers are sailing smoothly, it is very possible and highly likely to take out some profit. If things are looking bad, you can cut your losses before they have an adverse effect. This comes in handy and can to help bettors manage risk.

  • There is no visible Limit to winnings:

That there is no limit to the times you can win is a huge bonus to those interested in spread betting. Most bookies are swift in limiting winners and limit the amount they can bet. In certain extreme, betting accounts are close completely. This clearly makes it very tedious and frustrating for successful gamblers to continue winning. However, spread betting companies don’t take such drastic steps. They make their gains based on the differences between the sell and buy prices, and are rarely affected by consistent winners than normal bookies are.

       Cons of spread betting

  1. Very few bookies and firm operate spread betting:

If you are interested in spread betting, it is significant to be known that not every bookie or betting firms make spread betting available. What this simply means is that unlike traditional options and market that can be found on all online bookies, spread betting is only offered by a few betting companies. You have to search deeper or ask around to know which firms operate this option

  • Bonuses and rewards are non-existent or infinitesimal:

Unlike traditional markets that have mouth-watering bonuses and rewards, when it comes to spreading marketing option, this is not available due to the risk involved. Most companies that offer spread marketing rarely give bonuses and rewards and few that too give out very little bonuses.

Matched betting vs. spread betting: Which one should you pick?

To choose which is better between matched betting and spread betting will be a herculean task for anybody because both types of betting require similar skills and patience to succeed, but depending on your personality and the resources available, you may prefer one over the other.

 For punters who have calculative skills and are good analytically, it will be advisable for them to sway more towards matched betting because it is highly possible for them to succeed there with their traits.

However, if you are the patient type and can take a huge risk, then you can go for spread betting as it will be suitable for you.

Making a choice between each of them will be difficult and inaccurate because they each have merits and demerits. Whichever you decide to go for, but like all bets, be addicted to gambling.