1xBit is a new casino that is trying an approach slightly different than other websites in the market. Instead of working with many different payment methods, which while advantageous for some reasons it can also bring many disadvantages, such as conversion fees, limitations in certain payment methods, etc, this portal works exclusively with bitcoin, which is by far the most used cryptocurrency worldwide. Let’s examine how to place your bet bitcoin on 1xBit.

This means that anybody who signs up at 1xBit should have a few bitcoins before making deposits in their accounts. However, there is no need to worry, because there are many associated cryptocurrency exchangers who work closely with 1xBit, which players can use with extreme confidence.

The process to place your bets bitcoin on 1xBit works in the exact same manner as other casinos on the Internet who take standard currencies. People only need to create an account, which of course is completely free, and after adding a certain amount to their account in bitcoin, they will gain access to the entire range of games, features and services, with one particularly attractive being the lottery. The following section will discuss some of them.

Don’t miss the chance of trying best bitcoin lottery on 1xBit

Everybody loves a good lottery. Having the chance to win amazing prizes by buying a few tickets has been an extremely rewarding experience for many people. And considering how much every individual bitcoin is worth, players have chances of winning fantastic prizes thanks to the best bitcoin lottery on 1xBit. People interested in using it should execute the following steps:

  1. Create an account at 1xBit. This can be done for totally free
  2. Add a few bitcoins to the balance. Don’t forget that there is an interesting welcome bonus for all new players
  3. Check the lottery schedule directly from the website, and buy the required amount of tickets for the desired event
  4. Pay attention to the results once they appear

And that’s it. In general, between the moment that the new customer signs up until he has his lottery tickets only a few minutes pass. It is an extremely simple and quick process, which can bring a lot of joy and rewards. For this reason, take part now in the best bitcoin lottery on 1xBit.com.

But of course the lottery is not the only thing offered by 1xBit. Players of this website also get access to a large selection of casino games, and a large sportsbook service. All of this makes this platform one of the best in the market. It is also important to say that every service, game and feature works from mobile devices and desktop computers, meaning that players can enjoy fantastic opportunities at any moment and from any place.