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In the absence of a lot of football due to the coming to end of European competitions, we take a look at how and why you should consider betting on other sports aside from football.

Predictability in Ice hockey betting

Hockey is another sports discipline which is worth considering to bet at. This sport increasingly gains popularity among both fans and punters. Unfortunately, for hockey punters, the chances of successful prediction in hockey are even lower than in football. Online bookmakers are aware of this and offer higher odds for hockey matches, even in those with a clear favorite. The main reason for that is to encourage punters to place bets on this discipline.

It should be noted that games of the two strongest and most famous hockey leagues, NHL and KHL are the hardest to predict. In the NHL (Canada and U.S.A), which is considered the best hockey competition globally, surprising results are ubiquitous, and even the best teams often lose to complete outsiders. This could be explained by the number of games in the season and the level of the players of each team in those leagues.

The problem of the Kontinental Hockey League is the finances which are often influenced by the Russian mafia, as well as the political situation of the region. The standings in this mostly Russian league change very rapidly and heavily depend on the status of the companies that sponsor the majority of hockey clubs in KHL. Unfortunately, we cannot say that this competition is free of corruption, as stated otherwise on many occasions. It is much easier to predict the outcomes in other European leagues, especially Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, and Switzerland. This may be that there is much less money invested in those leagues, which consequently decreases the possibility of a fixed game.

Predictability in tennis betting

Tennis is considered to be one of the most entertaining sports in the world. Both men’s and women’s competitions are pretty popular among fans. Unfortunately, we do not have any good news for punters once again, as this sport is also very unpredictable. However, this can be used as an advantage, too, as in the case of other more unpredictable sports, you can bet against the favorites in hopes of winning a lot of money because of the high odds. However, it should be noted that it is tough for an inexperienced punter without knowledge and intuition to find such an opportunity.

Why is tennis such an unpredictable sport? There are a few reasons. When it comes to strictly sport aspects, remember that tennis is mostly an individual sport, in which a lot depends on the players’ shape on a particular day. In contrast to team sports, tennis players are on their own. The main problem for tennis players is inconsistency, which is especially visible in women’s competitions.

Apart from that, tennis games are specific targets for all sorts of frauds and scams connected with game-fixing. The number of games and tournaments is so high that both journalists, punters, or even fans, are not 100% certain that a given player will play in a particular event. It is essential when it comes to less prestigious competitions, with smaller prize pools and awards. Top tennis players often tend to skip such events to rest before the more essential competitors.

Like other sport disciplines, for a game to be ‘fixed,’ one player does not have to lose. As we already mentioned, in a football section, all the player needs to do is lose a point, in this case, a set or few gems, so that the scammers will win millions. How often do we see a tennis match between a clear favorite and the underdog, where the better player takes control over the majority of the game and then, at some point, starts fading. In this case, the odds for the weaker player to win even a single set are astronomical. It is a perfect situation for fraud. The better player will win the game in the end, and it does not matter that he lost a few points on the way. Nothing seems suspicious at first sight, doesn’t it?

Another important thing that is worth remembering is that more experienced tennis players can easily control the game. There are tennis matches, where you know the skill difference between the players after only a few exchanges. A better player can use this to his/her advantage, and if he is corrupted, he can lose some points along the way. Nobody will suspect anything. After all, mistakes happen to even the best. Check out the ongoing Roland Garos tournament going on.

High predictability of basketball

Many of you will be surprised, but in comparison to other disciplines, we consider basketball to be quite a predictable sport. There are several solid arguments for this thesis. First of all, most basketball bets are two-way bets, not regular three-way like in other sports. Our chances increase from 33% up to 50% because of this. Furthermore, odds for basketball games are known for being relatively decent, and there is a wide variety of different types of bets. An experienced punter may even find a few value bets. Finally, suppose someone has considerable knowledge about special teams, their strengths, and weaknesses, as well as their recent performances. In that case, he has good chances of successfully predicting the outcome of a given basketball game.

Another thing that makes basketball easier to predict is its points system. Unlike football or hockey, basketball games are known to have big scores because of their intensity and scoring (you can score more than one point in a single action). Therefore, there are games where you can expect lots of points. What is more, in basketball, every player scores points. Even more, defensive-minded blocking players tend to score a lot in the game. Therefore, if a punter uses his/her knowledge of the particular teams and players and their scoring statistics, he could win money by successfully betting on Over/Under bets and handicaps.

Furthermore, because of this intensity that we mention, the scores tend to change very rapidly, and often a team can win the game in a matter of seconds despite being a few points down. Therefore, if a punter has good reflexes and a bit of luck, he can live-bet on the team that is losing now, knowing they have their momentum and could win the game in a few minutes. You can win a lot of money that way because of live betting. The odds for the teams that are losing are much higher. If you are more adventurous, you can also try to predict the winning margin of the game.

Another critical factor is the schedule. In basketball, there are a lot more games than in tennis or even football. Thus, the players tend to be very tired after a few consecutive games. This is a perfect betting opportunity. What is more, you should also pick teams that are very good at home. Unfortunately, there are only a few teams that use their home advantage very good. Some teams tend to score more in away games. If they play a team that is not as strong at home, it could be an excellent chance for placing an Over bet or simply Money Line bet on the away team.

You should also remember that the NBA, the most popular basketball competition globally, differs from other basketball leagues like, for example, EuroLeague and national (domestic) European leagues. Read this if you want to know more about the predictability of basketball in the NBA and Europe. It should be noted that the NBA is much more balanced and more unpredictable when it comes to results in comparison to other competitions such as the EuroLeague.

Cricket predictability

Despite being one of the most popular sports disciplines globally, cricket is not the punter’s favorite. Most bets on this sport are placed by cricket fans and experienced punters who have found a value bet in a particular cricket event. As for cricket’s predictability, most experts agree that with very few exceptions, both club and national cricket is entirely predictable. This results in lower odds for the favorites such as England or India. However, it should be said here that club competitions, especially in lower, more obscure leagues are much less predictable than national competitions such as the Cricket World Cup.

Rugby predictability

Like cricket, rugby is one of the most widespread sports on the globe. It is trendy in Great Britain and its former dominions. But, as in the case of already mentioned cricket, rugby in all its varieties is not as popular among punters as its younger brother – American football. When it comes to predictability in rugby, it is tough to state whether the results in rugby are surprising or not. Often, the underdog can win with a better team, but the same countries and clubs usually take over competitions.