PSG vs Real Madrid: The Most Exciting Match in the Champions League Round of 16

One of the most disappointing news about the upcoming Round of 16 in the UEFA Champions League was that there won’t be a Messi – Ronaldo duel – at least not in the spring. Every football fan was anticipating this meeting between the two most beloved footballers of our time. If you check out Betway Zambia soccer betting and odds, you’ll see that whenever these players are on the turf, the odds are instantly bent in their teams’ favor.
While we won’t have Messi vs Ronaldo, we’ll have quite a few exciting games to look forward to – especially the one played by Paris Saint Germain against Real Madrid. Here are a few betting options and tips to check out for this match.

Some of the best

Both Paris Saint Germain (PSG) and Real Madrid are perhaps the best teams in their respective countries and among the strongest currently playing in Europe. And both of them have a good chance to emerge victorious at the end of the tournament. But only one of them will reach the quarterfinals, with the Round of 16 being a knockout phase.
Both teams have their prolific goalscorers – Kylian Mbappé on one side, Karim Benzema on the other. The latter will be in a sensitive situation, having to play against players with whom he plays together in the French national team. Then again, Mbappé might already be a Real player by the time of kickoff (if we are to believe the latest rumors), with the two players being side by side instead of facing off. Whichever the case, it will be an interesting situation.
Considering how important this match will be for the progress of the two teams in the Champions League, we can expect both of them to put only their best players on the turf.


And let’s not forget the biggest name on the French side – Lionel Messi who, although considered to be beyond his prime, is still an imposing presence on the turf. Having been a Barcelona player for most of his career, he certainly has the rivalry with Real Madrid imprinted in his DNA. This means that he will certainly have the same rigor playing against Real while wearing the PSG jersey.

What to bet on?

Bookmakers expect PSG to have the upper hand in the two teams’ first meeting, the French side having slightly better chances to win the entire tournament than its Spanish opponent. But the outright winner is not the most attractive option here – it’s the number of goals that we should be looking at.
Considering the value of the players the two teams are expected to put on the turf on February 15, we can expect the match to be filled with attempts and perhaps even goals. According to some tipsters, the safest bet on this match right now is over 2.5 goals – something that will appease bettors and everyday football fans as well.


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