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Premier League top four: Kaka Betensured’s verdict on clubs fighting for Champions League qualification.

With Manchester City clear at the Premier League’s summit and Manchester United, who are second, with a healthy gap to the chasing pack, the rivals look set for a top-four finish. Who will join them?

Leicester, West Ham, Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool, and Everton all have hopes of securing Champions League football for next season and with just nine points separating third and eight, it looks it will go down right to the wire.

Here are the remaining fixtures for the teams
Man United 2nd position (60 points): Spurs(A), Burnley (H), Leeds(A), Liverpool(H), Villa(A), Leicester(H), Fulham(H), Wolves(A)
Leicester 3rd position (56 points)
West Ham

Position: 3rd
Man City was a tough game for them but that is out of the way now. I think Leicester should make the top four if especially they pick up a win against West Ham this weekend. They have three tough games to finish by the way but those teams might still be active in European competitions. It’s all about timing.
They have winnable games left before those tough final three games(Man United, Chelsea, and Tottenham) and with a four points gap. It could be a problem if they fail to win maximum games before their final three games.

West Ham
Position: 4th
The win against wolves was a massive one leapfrogging them above Chelsea to the top four.
It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and they might just be wanting this more than ever. However, injuries here and there could prove a bigger problem for them. Antonio is already out and Declan Rice is out as well. They have some lovely run-in of fixtures. Hopefully, they won’t feel the pressure in the long run.
Against Leicester, if they can avoid a defeat I believe they’ll have a sense of belief amidst themselves.

Position: 5th

Chelsea has kept a lot of people and fans optimistic and interested. We were looking at Chelsea and we all thought they had an easy game against West Brom but alas they don’t win and it’s wide open again.
The defeat against West Brom looks strange giving how Chelsea have racked up records upon records only for them to concede 5 against struggling West Brom. You just don’t concede 5 against West Brom regardless of the red card. They had a better team to execute the game but that’s the bread and butter of the premier league. You’ve got a coach with an 18monyhs contract and you’re confused whether to prioritize the champions league or top four. It’s dicey. It could have been different if it was a long-term plan.
To make matters worse, Chelsea is still in Europe with the best chance of progressing, and at the same time, they’ve got some tough fixtures against Arsenal, Leicester, and almighty Manchester City. 😬

Position: 6th
Mourinho admitted they’d need help from other teams if they are to make the champions league spot this season. I don’t give Tottenham a chance of making the top four due to their inconsistency this season. They’ve got two tough games coming up against Manchester United and Everton and I don’t see them winning the two games. They do have some tricky games against Southampton, Leeds, Aston Villa, and Leicester. They are 7 points behind Leicester at the moment and that’s a lot of points with less than 10 games to go giving their run of fixtures. It’s too much for Spurs

Position: 7th
You’d expect Liverpool to win against Aston Villa especially without Jack Grealish. But then they have a second leg must-win encounter against Real Madrid. This is the problem for teams in European competitions. It’s exactly what happened to Chelsea last weekend. A moment of madness could badly hamper you with all these teams so bunched up. One thing in favor of Liverpool is that they have some nice fixtures but they will be fully focused on the tie against Real Madrid as they look to turn the tie around. Injuries have not helped Liverpool this season and without a win at Anfield this year and the reverse fixture which ended 7 – 2 in favor of Aston Villa, behind closed doors again, it’s a tough ask. I’m not so confident they’d win and that could prove costly for their top 4 hopes.

Position: 8th
It was a really bad result for Everton on Monday, they missed a lot of chances and in the end, it was a really poor result. They weren’t clinical enough and in the premier league, you have to score. They are on a 3 match without a win and their chances are slipping away. They were once considered to lift the premier league title😂. I don’t see them making the top four especially with their tough fixtures against Tottenham, Arsenal, and Manchester City.

This is the Premier League and that’s why it’s loved around the world. On any given day, anybody can beat anybody and the weekend results proved that. The race for the top four is wide open.

Eight or nine games to go, this looks like the beginning. Poor results can start to hurt you. A loss for West Ham against Leicester this weekend could be critical. Potentially, they can wave goodbye to their top 4 chances. I’m not so sure they can do it, although it’s one of the greatest opportunities in the history of the club to get into the top four and the champions league. It’s a one-off, the ultimate for this West Ham team. They need to win against Leicester, but can they win it. We’ll have to wait and see.
Manchester City and Manchester United are in, and I think Leicester will make it if they don’t repeat last season’s mistake where they lost the spot on the final day of the season. It’s between West Ham, Chelsea, and Liverpool. With their run of fixtures, West Ham is more favorable but I think they’ll succumb to pressure. Liverpool remains to be a team to watch out for. If they fail to qualify for the Semi-final of the Champions League, and if they get a win at Anfield eventually, it’s going to be a real booster for them. Chelsea looks set to qualify for the champions league semi-finals and they’ll have a huge belief of winning the trophy. Their squad depth could prove important at the end and with 3 at the back, they won’t concede many goals.
A lot will depend on what happens in some huge games in the coming weeks.

Expert Kaka’s Premier League top four: Man City, Man United, Leicester City, and Chelsea.

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