“Real Madrid” – the club that has won the Champions League most often

The Champions League is the main tournament of our time. All the strongest teams play here. Naturally, you can not only follow the matches on sportpesa.info.ke, but also earn on confrontations of this level.

It is easy to place bets on “Real Madrid” matches. This club is the record holder for the total number of victories in the tournament. In total, the team has 14 titles. According to this indicator, the team is at least 2 times ahead of the nearest pursuer – “Milan”.

The record for the number of matches won in the Champions League also belongs to “Real Madrid”. The team has already managed to win more than 100 matches. It is noticeably more than the pursuers. This fact most clearly confirms that the Champions League is the favorite tournament of “Real”.

It is easy to follow the current matches of the team in a verified betting company. Games from the world of other disciplines are also covered in Sportpesa. If you are interested in them, you will manage to find quite a few interesting offers.

As for “Real Madrid”, there is nothing surprising that the team is the record holder in the number of victories in the Champions League. At this tournament, the team is always tuned in a special way. It brings the desired result. It is also easy to bet on its games in other tournaments in a reliable office. The coverage of events here is very detailed.

The main factors of victories of “Real”

The “Royal Club” has a rich tradition of playing in the main club tournament of the Old World. This team won the first 5 draws of the Champions Cup. All matches of this tournament are covered in a verified betting company. Download Sportpesa app for more convenient betting on them. It is available for different operating systems. It will allow you to earn even more often on bets. 

As for the achievement of “Real”, it was a consequence of:

  1. The vast experience of the leaders. The Madrid club always has world-class stars in its lineup. Players of the level of Luka Modrić, Toni Kroos, Dani Carvajal can bring the team victory due to their individual skills.
  2. A winning mentality. All the players of the team know how important this tournament is. Therefore, they give their best in every game.
  3. Established traditions. The opponents also know that “Real” in the Champions League is especially strong, so sometimes they just can not do anything to counteract this magic.

In addition, Madrid’s squad is always full of top stars. It helps the team win titles. Making predictions for its matches is easy at Sportpesa, and by downloading the company’s app, all its offers will be at your fingertips. Sign up and you can start earning money.

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