Reasons Why Casinos Might Block An Online Account

Seeing that you have been blocked from your favorite online casino site can be a nightmare. But why does it happen? What are the reasons behind your account getting blocked, and can you stop that from happening? You would get a notification on your phone stating that you have been locked out when you try to load a game, sign up, make a deposit or try to withdraw. Reliable online casinos would let you know when your account has been blocked. Here are some of the most common reasons behind your online casino account getting blocked. 

Too Many Failed Login Attempts 

One of the reasons behind your account getting blocked would be to save your bankroll. If someone tries to log in with your user id and password, but one of them is not correct, too many unsuccessful attempts would result in getting blocked. Online casinos sites have security features that notice if a specific account is getting too many unsuccessful logins. 

Players could then get in touch with customer support to retrieve their accounts, change their password and id, and secure their accounts again. Make sure your account’s two-step verification process is activated. 

Failed At Verifying Oneself

After you have signed up and created your account, reliable online casinos would make you go through a verification process to secure your account further. New players must provide government ids or any form of proof to verify their age, account, and details. If you do not complete this process, your account might get blocked. 

Underage Gambling 

The verification process is there to ensure you are not an underage individual while signing up. When it comes to underage gambling, regulatory boards are pretty strict about it. Should a casino site get wind that a player is underage and has created an account somehow, the account would be blocked immediately. Allowing underage gambling, sites would be at risk of losing their license, and their reputation would be on the line.

Creating Duplicate Accoun


One rule that online casinos follow religiously would be one account per person. So if you create any duplicate account, rest assured, that your account would be blocked. Even if you use completely different information and user id, tracking their IP address they would be able to figure out if the different accounts belong to the same person or not.


Duplicate account cases happen a lot, so the casino authorities are always conscious and on the lookout, so be careful. Again, having more than one person accessing a particular account, your account could get blocked. 

Suspicious Activity

Any kind of suspicious activity can be easily caught by any online casino through the latest security features and AI technology. Some suspicious activities would be fixed betting amounts on different games or placing maximum slot machine bets. Online casino 

security features alongside AI ensure cheaters could not take advantage of any opportunity. Even unusual transaction activities could be tracked by AI. 


Experts like Daniel Negranu and others always follow rules and regulations so should you as a newbie player. Be conscious of your activity on any online casino site or your account could get blocked.


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