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Some people believe that to become the best player in the world Harry Kane will have to leave Tottenham Hotspur. However the striker didn’t do too badly in the voting without the need to leave.

There really can’t be many, if any, better strikers in the world right now than Harry Kane. The Spurs striker has 13 goals in his last nine appearances for his club side since August ended- also scoring four for England since his barren month.

At this point in his career people are starting to think the 24 year-old can beat Alan Shearer’s Premier League record. However there is also a belief that to win titles and be recognised in the highest echelons of the game he’ll have to leave north London.

Shearer celebrates scoring his 260th and final Premier League goal, fittingly against Newcastle’s local rivals Sunderland. Image: PA

It seems that Kane can either stay with the White Hart Lane club and become a club legend or leave and win multiple league titles, Champions League medals and individual awards.

Last night at the FIFA best awards Kane was able to pick up seven votes without leaving Spurs. The striker was voted third place by the British Virgin Island’s captain, France captain, and Spurs teammate, Hugo Lloris, the Bahamas coach and Wales coach Chris Coleman.

The Englishman also picked up two second place votes from the captain of Montserrat and the media representative from Cambodia whilst the media representative from Vanuatu actually voted him the best player in the world from the past 12 months.

Kane’s double against Liverpool took him to 84 goals. Still a long way off Shearer but time on his side. Image: PA

It could be argued that the Englishman did well to pick up seven votes last season but Robert Lewandowski’s 14 votes could suggest that Kane was actually lacking in the amount of votes he deserved.

The Best awards, like the Ballon d’Or, has become a contest between just Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi and even between those two it seems to be more about which of their side’s has won more than who has played better.

Ronaldo whispers sweet nothings to his trophy. He must be getting fed up of winning these awards. Image: PA

If Kane can lead Spurs to a Premier League title then all the questions will stop and he can guarantee that he will receive a lot more than just seven votes.