Striking Gold: Aguero Reflects on Copa America and Euro 2024

The summer of football has finally started. Everyone who even remotely loves the beautiful game knows that EURO 2024 in Germany has already kicked off and that Copa America is almost upon us. The only international tournament bigger than these competitions is the World Cup. With two more years up until the next game, all eyes are set on the big stage in Europe and the USA. 

With the tournament not only being about the sport but about success both on and off the field, everyone is looking for even the tiniest bit of insight that could shift the tides of sports betting in their favor. You’ll be glad to hear that we’ve recorded the thoughts of no other than Sergio Aguero. The former top scorer of Manchester City and the diminutive God of the Argentinian national team had a few words of wisdom to share about the upcoming days of Football. 

After abruptly ending his career due to health issues, Aguero had to find other things to keep him busy in life. In addition to being a media pundit, and Twitch streamer, he’s also a sponsor for betting and casino brand Stake. This is no wonder as he’s not only a big name in the game of football, a fan of the game foremost, but he’s also an avid poker player. 

These are as many reasons as one needs to listen to what Sergio had to say on the subjects of the upcoming EURO 2024 and Copa America. So, sit tight, and check out how Kun reflected on the current state of the national team of Argentina, his best man Lionel Messi, the EURO contest, and the state of club football in the Premier League. Who knows, maybe some of his words can be of help when it comes to having correct Copa America Predictions. Let’s see the question Aguero was asked, and what he had to say in response. 

Was Kun Surprised One of  Argentina’s Magicians, Dybala, Left Out? 

When asked about the omission of Paulo Dybala, who was a key performer in clutch moments during the World Cup Sergio Aguero had a few things to say.  First, he stated that the matter of the national team is in the hands of Lionel Scaloni. He makes the decisions and he takes both credit and the blame. As far as Dybala is concerned, Kun knows that he’s a well-liked figure in the locker room, but that team comes first and that Argentina has enough firepower in attack. 

Will Argentina Wrap up The Group Stage in Miami? 

Knowing that Miami is now home to not only Leo Messi but a massive Argentinean Diaspora, Kun is well aware that the national team has a big chance to come out strong from their CA group with the last match being held in Miami. Former Atleti man also knows that their team is not the only one with support in Miami, stating that Mexico, Columbia, and Venezuela also have fans over there. 

Will Messi Play in the 2026 World Cup? 

Knowing how close Kun and Leo are, it was only a matter of time before this question popped up. Aguero’s answer here is just like any other Gaucho would tell you – the hope is there that Messi can play forever. With his career now being tied to the USA, it would come as no surprise that he tries his luck in two years too. But, Kun is putting the ball down and hopes that fans can appreciate the present and enjoy the honor of being able to see Messi in this year’s Copa America. 

Is Argentina under Pressure to Win the 2024 Copa America? 

Considering that Kun Aguero knows a thing or two about pressure or the lack of it (just remember his goal for Man City in 2012 vs. QPR) he was asked if the reigning World Cup winners are under pressure to win the Copa. As a former leader in both his clubs and the national team Aguero knows that there is a mantle of favorites of Argentina in any tournament but he’s unsure of the pressure. Former Independiente prodigy believes that this team knows how to handle the pressure and is up for any pressure thrown their way. The mix of aging stars and youth prospects is an ideal mix according to Aguero for any present and future success. 

Are You Glad Seeing Lisandro Martinez Fit for Copa? 

While one star in Dybala was dropped due to his fitness issues and inconsistent form for the club, another player was called-up despite facing similar problems in the past calendar year. But, as far as Lisandor Lopez is concerned, Aguero has no doubts about his presence with the national team. Kun states that the traits that Lisandro brings to the table for Argentina can’t be replicated by any other player. Martinez has proven his worth for Ajax, Man UTD, and Argentina over and over again, and when fit he must play, adds Aguero. 

Who Will Lead Argentina? 

This is a question that doesn’t concern Aguero. Former Barcelona striker believes that Argentina has a highly competent coaching staff and that these types of decisions need to be left in their hands. With a solid back line and plenty of rotational options all over the field in midfield and attack, Argentina knows how to get the job done, concludes Aguero. 

For The Conclusion of Copa Talks – Who Will Win The Golden Boot? 

As a clinical striker himself, this is the question Aguero can answer better than anyone. Despite that, the former City starlet decides to be vague. According to Kun, the Golden Boot will fall in the hands of a player whose team reaches the latter stages of the tournaments. With more games under the belt, there are more chances for scoring muses the Stake ambassador. As far as his hopes go, of course, as you could probably guess, Kun hopes that the best player and goalscorer in the upcoming tournament will be his best man Lionel Messi. 

Now that we covered these thoughts on Copa America that he has closer to his heart, let’s see what Kun has to say about the EURO 2024. This is a tournament where he could know a thing or two about nations and players as he spent the majority of his playing career in Europe. Let’s start with his views on the best players at the EUROs. 

Are there Any Distinguishable Players at the EUROs? 

As a former young talent and a prodigy of the game Kun knows a thing or two about recognizing talent. According to the former Premier League Golden Boot, the players we all should pay attention to are the young generation of European superstars. He singled out the likes of Florian Wirtz and Jamal Musiala who already tore it up for Germany, Yamal, Doku, and Man City starlet Phil Foden. Kun’s message is: keep your eyes on the future of the game if you don’t want to miss anything. 

Will Haaland Light the PL on Fire After Missing the EUROs? 

Of course, the game has lost a tad bit by not having Erling Haaland in Germany, but what does this mean for Manchester City? The absence from the tournament and more time to rest will undoubtedly help both Erling and City, claims Aguero. He believes that due to the prolonged rest, the Norwegian superstar will have another great season on the club level. 

Who Will be the European Championship Golden Boot? 

It appears that Aguero is not a fan of a single player but that he has a formula for individual success. Kun claims the same as for the Copa – a team that plays good football and reaches the latter stages of the tournament will have the top scorer. Of course, he didn’t fail to single out some of the prolific names in European football such as Harry Kane and Kylian Mbappe. Both are known for delivering at the highest level and Kun can’t see it being otherwise this time around. 

The Unlikely Combo of Garter Southgate and Club Football

This is not news to Kun Aguero as he hasn’t heard of this being one. But, Sergio has the utmost respect for Southgate and everything he has done for England’s national team. Thus, if an opportunity arises Gareth will be up for the challenge be it Manchester United or any other club states Kun. The former legend of the blue side of Manchester also added that some managers just love national selection football and that Southgate may be one of those people. 

Can You Imagine Pep or Mou Managing England?  

According to Sergio Aguero, this is not a likely scenario. While he reiterates that in football anything is possible this is a scenario that he finds hard to imagine.

Did Man City Underachieve in the 2023/24 Season? 

No! No by any chance screams Aguero. The diminutive striker claims that by solely looking at the competition during the City championship run in Arsenal and Liverpool this season should be seen as a massive success. The PL turned into a competition where you must win almost every game, and under those conditions and pressure City did astonishing work. He also added that with a tad bit more luck, City could have won the FA Cup and would have reached the Champions League final which is not something to scoff at. 

Did United Impress you in The FA Cup Final? 

Aguero has a lot of respect for city rivals but the win in the final of the FA Cup is seen as a one-off by UTD in his eyes. For a team that sat behind, waited for opportunities, and capitalized on the only two they had, United made good claims Aguero. It’s not like City didn’t have chances, but they only converted one and it was too late for a turnaround which will happen the next time Kun is sure. 

How Important Will United’s Stalwart Garnacho be For Argentina? 

It is easy to be impressed by Alejandro Garnacho’s claims Kun Aguero especially after he consolidated himself as the main man in the UTDs team at such a young age. Everyone needs to respect him after great performances in England but his tie for Argentina is not on the horizon yet states Aguero ahead of Copa America. In the future he will be the key player for the Gauchos as the team needs new and fresh legs to take the mantle of Messi, Di Maria, and Otamendi believes Aguero. 

Will Pep Leave City and Take on International Football? 

Pep can take on any challenge he likes or finds interesting claims Aguero. The only question that remains to be seen is if Guardiola relishes the challenge of international football.  As far as Kun is concerned he can’t imagine Pep away from City or club football in general. This is why Aguero talks about Guardiola as a man who can do well on the national stage but remains unsure if Pep would ever be interested in such a venture. 

Will De Zerbi Take Over at City After Pep Leaves? 

All of this talk about Pep leaving is not a concern for Aguero. When the time is right for him to step down and he does it, a new coach will step in a well-built house according to Aguero. Replacements come and go, but it’s not valid to talk about them as long Pep remains seated as the King of City’s locker room reiterates Kun Aguero. 

As a City Man, You Love Pep, But What About Carlo Ancelotti? 

Carlo is one of a kind and is admired by both foes and friends, states Aguero. His tally in both domestic and other competitions is second to none. You can’t remain ignorant of that smile Aguero. He has a lot of good things going on for him at the moment, and he will relish the good moments and future challenges alike, concludes Aguero. 

Bottom Line

That’s all folks from the famed Argentinean superstar and the long-time face of the Premier League Sergio Kun Aguero. You can agree or disagree with him, but his opinions mean a thing or two in the world of football. We hope you had a great time hearing from him. 

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